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Monday, April 29, 2013

Greek Goverment to undocumented Pinoys: Don't expect help from Greek govt

by Pinay Gr, tsisosaonline.com News Bureau

Safety issues discussed by the Minister of Public Order and Citizen Protection, Nikolaos Dendias, with members of the Greek & Filipino Community and reporters of www.tsismosaonline.com. on Thursday said the Greek government will not provide any assistance to some 20,000 undocumented Filipino workers in Greece.

He also said after the grace period given by the Greek government to illegal workers ends on April 30, they will go after undocumented workers in Greece.

www.tsismosaonline.com news reporter asked the ambassador of Philippines In Greece AMBASSADOR MEYNARDO LOS BANOS MONTEALEGRE who said it is expected that Greece authorities will do what they have to do on the issue of illegal workers once the crackdown begins again in Greece


On the issue of at least 1,000 undocumented Filipinos arrested  last year on Greece

Nikolaos Dendias, Minister of Public Order and Citizen Protection in Greece  said undocumented workers cannot expect help from the Greek government because it is up to the governments of the illegal workers to repatriate their citizens.

For Filipinos, he said it is the Philippine embassy that "will provide them an assistance for them to be deported to their country.”

"There are many filipinos were violate our immigration law and it is the Philippine embassy of Greece who will take care of them for their deportation to the Philippines," the ambassador explained.

Those who will be arrested once the reprieve ends will face full punishment for violation of Greeks's labor and immigration law including steep fines, jail time and deportation.

The penalties range from 9,000 to 50,000 euro.

 Q: What are the remedies for these violators (of the amendments to the Greek law)?

A: The Greek Government has implemented a grace period until 30 April 2013 to allow illegal workers and erring employers to correct their residency and work status. Those working with an employer other than their sponsor should return to their original sponsor and work exclusively under that sponsor. They can also transfer to a new sponsor provided they follow existing rules for such a transfer. “Freelancers” should desist from working until they are able to contact their sponsors and rectify their iqama /sponsorship status. Workers with dependent visas should be conscious of their visa status, and desist from working even on part-time basis.

Q: What are the possible penalties for the violators?

A: A violator can expect jail time, fines and deportation. It is possible, however, that a worker can be spared from arrest if the worker and the original sponsor will correct his work status during the three-month grace period. In the case of a worker with a dependent’s visa, the penalty will include deportation of the dependent and the head of the family, as well as a penalty for the employer
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