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Monday, April 1, 2013

Greece-Weather forecast Sunny, partly cloudy weather for tomorrow

Weather: heavily cloudy in eastern Aegean and the west with chances of rain.

Temperature: 4-21C in northern Greece, 12-23C in central and southern Greece, 8-20C in western Greece, 14-21C in Cyclades and Crete and 14-22C in Dodecanese and eastern Aegean.

Winds: western southwestern 4-6B in the Aegean, southern 3-4B in the Ionian.


Weather: sunny initially, cloudy in the afternoon.

Temperature: 11-23C.

Winds: northwestern 3-6B, decreasing and turning to southern in the east.


Weather: Sunny, partly cloudy in the afternoon.

Temperature: 9-18C.

Winds: variable turning to southeastern up to 4B.
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