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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Greece-Extends the ergosimo - Fall 50% of contributions for home work

Three other groups of workers integrates ergosimo the Ministry of Labour and Social Security.
By an amendment tabled the bill to address delinquency in Social Security and the labor market, the minister John Vroutsis status to ergosimou now forms distributors brochures with the distribution system without recipient address, the employed persons to promote products and body on behalf of one or more businesses or residents to another place and employees in promoting consumer products in stores, supermarkets and food stores (supermarkets).

Labour Minister John Vroutsis explained that "strongly supports ergosimo but should address issues raised in the application. ' As the minister explained by the introduction of ergosimou "unfortunately revenues from social security contributions for at home employment of 4 million per year fell to 2 million euros."

Favor of the principle of the bill argue parties that support the government, but the opposition to several provisions express opposition parties which called on the minister to proceed with improvements particularly for articles that are stricter addressing (civil and criminal) employees of Social Security benefits for which you could apply disciplinary law for the rest of the public sector.

Crime Control Registry
Minister emphatically stated in the provisions for the system ARIADNE and IDIKA upon the full operation of which the ministry expects savings of 500 million euros a year. "After the passage of the bill, what we call unfair pensions will not exist," the minister said and assured that promotes an effective action framework that solves the problem. The minister described the terrifying figure of 53,695 non-retired Enumeration and explained that goes electronic junction pension death to follow targeted controls to claim the Greek public money wrongly paid. In this context it is recommended to IDIKA Special Account, the "Crime Control Registry" and a circular will be asked by the Governors of the funds to send their non-registered retirement.

No deviation OAEE
According to the evidence in the hands of the minister, Greece pays pensions 4,390,378 today. This number is still evolving (deaths or new pensions) is just 3.81% deviation for the SSN and 3.46%, for the AFM. There are funds with differential "0", one of them is OAEE which is full identification pensions and pensioners. In IKA differences mainly concern the AFM and the Public variations mainly concern the SSN, as advised by the Minister. "After the passage of the bill would have turned the page. 2013 will be a year of housekeeping, "said Mr. Vroutsis highlighting the strategic role undertaken by IDIKA.
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