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Saturday, April 13, 2013

Greece-49 years old Filipina thief caught in Patras Hospital

The ideal victim was found in the person of a surgical patient a "magnanakaw 'who moved to the premises of the General Hospital" Agios Andreas "in Patras and steal every day.

In the second theft, however, identified the attendants of other patients.

The 49 years olf Filipina slipped into the chamber of the Orthopaedic Clinic of Patras where the victim was sleeping and grabbed the drawer beside the bed of her cell phone.

But the news got other relatives hospitalized just came out and warned and staff are restrained until police arrive direct action.

The phone was found on her and was attributed to the landlady.

Which led to Security, the 49 years old confessed that the previous evening had sneak in her room and was hospitalized the same grab bag, in which there were only identity and various objects.

The filipina escorted to the Prosecutor of Patras, but research continues to elucidate and other thefts behind which they might hide.

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