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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Did you know this about water and lemon???

We now know very well from the recommendations of experts that are very beneficial to drink at least ...
8 glasses of water every day, noting the important role that water plays in our organization.
Even more useful, however, is to add another beneficial element in the water we drink: and this is the lemon, which gathers itself extremely beneficial properties.
The benefits for our health than lemoni.To lemon brings many beneficial properties to achieve a good level of health.
• Antiseptic properties - The lemon prevents sepsis (the concentration of pathogenic bacteria) and / or the decomposition of the tissues.
• Andy-scurvy-Lemon has healing properties, preventing diseases and assisting the 'cleaning' of the organization.
• Improves the digestive process - Lemon gathers properties that relieve certain symptoms of indigestion and improves the overall functioning of the digestive system.
Water with lemon: Extremely beneficial health properties • Benefits for liver - Water with lemon is an excellent liver tonic. Help control excessive flow of bile through liquefaction. The lemon water also provides a natural means for enhancing liver enzymes where the last diluted. It also helps in the regulation of calcium and oxygen levels in the liver, a process that generally affects the blood oxygen levels.
• Assists Digestion - Water with lemon helps considerably the process of digestion and elimination. Frequent consumption positively affects the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract.
• Strengthening the immune system-Water with lemon has alkalizing effect, and so the bacteria and viruses that can only survive in acidic environments can not anapychthoun. In addition, water with lemon gathers antibacterial properties that help control the growth of bacteria in our bodies. The gargle with water and lemon create an excellent treatment for sore throats.
• Weight loss - aiding digestion function makes water with lemon "ally" in weight loss.
• Cleans the Blood
• Benefits the Respiratory System - Water with lemon helps in the treatment of respiratory diseases, since making breathing easier.
• Contributes to control bleeding
• Helps reduce blood pressure
• Prevents kidney problems.
• Assists in Development of Children - During pregnancy, water with lemon fortifies the bones of the baby.

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