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Monday, April 1, 2013

Complaint-The police covered the attacks of the fascists on Greece

The complaint-- "the police Menidi covers fascist attacks and captures immigrant victims" did Uniting the Movement Against Racism and the Fascist Threat and the Pakistani Community of Greece.

In particular, as noted in the announcement:

"On Sunday, police arrested the AT Menidiou immigrants who went there to lodge a complaint of racist attacks received at 6pm on the same day on the street and Dede Alexander. Rather than seek control over the perpetrators hour papers of twenty immigrant who went along with the victims to denounce the attacks thus allowing the fascists to move undisturbed.

Dede Street 6 membered group appeared in black and hoods and approached three immigrants. They "asked where you are from." In answer to "why ask us?" Stated "we are Insurance, enter your papers." Followed by attack on the person sidirogrothia Bilal Amin and two other immigrants, Imran Ahmed Sintiki and Itziaz. Then people went out on the road from the voices and the fascists fled. All three ended up prisoners in police station The Itziaz Ahmed was released after 2am in the morning.

In A.T Menidi, police went to keeping Bilal Amin and Imran Sintiki despite the fact that he was injured by blows to the mouth sidirogrothies. Bilal Amin was almost unconscious and blood was running from his nose, mouth and cheek. Sent them to the hospital the next day after twenty whole hours!

Racist attacks in Menidi fascists have escalated in the last month and a half are actually on the same roads. Unsolicited neo-Nazis patrol team from St. George Square to the street and beats Dede immigrants as we have reported.

It's another example of where they have come up big words N.Dendia that will not tolerate racism.
How man ends up with papers, who has chosen to leave the country and is listed by the International Organization for Migration imprisoned because he went to denounce racist attack on police station Menidi?

The AT Menidiou has previously covered the attacks of neo-Nazi Golden Dawn in houses immigrants. Then neither arrested nor punished no one, he said while the announcement of KEERFA: "An injured by another attack in Street Market located at the Police Department where Menidiou for hours not given any medical help." (19/07/2012). It seems to be a tradition to see injured immigrant and uninterested.

With this method sends the message that no immigrant should not be close to the AT for complaints about racist attacks.
We demand to punish the policemen covering racist attacks by the method of "self" the time of crime control immigration papers.

We demand an end to racist attacks, the action of the neo-Nazi raid guilds neighborhoods.
There will be immediate dynamic response against fascist attacks and concealing their actions from rolling with immigrant detentions. "
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