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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Bloody terrorist attack on Boston Marathon-View Videos and Pictutres from the time of explosion

Memories of September 11 awakened bombings shortly before 3pm Monday (local time) in Boston, during the end of the 117th prestigious marathon in the city.

Two explosions shook the heart of the American city, with a difference of seconds, followed by another explosion and fire at the central library (JFK) to the city, which was originally associated with the first explosion, before the Mayor of disconnected facts.

The explosions of bombs that had been placed in garbage bins at the finish in makeshift bleachers were placed at the point in a room full of spectators, mostly innocent families with children, at least two people died, among them also a eight year old boy!

Formally authorities confirmed three deaths, but the newspaper New York Post and several American channels, citing White House officials who spoke under anonymity, put the death toll at twelve. Later, the White House was quick to deny this information, but some media insisted to transmit ...

Dozens are injured spectators, athletes and volunteers the event, with news agencies and channels covering the event to broadcast continuously gruesome images of the points of explosions.

The information, confused for a long time, talked to dozens wounded. The last official count has raised the number of injured to 144, of which at least 17 in critical condition with 8 being small children, and in some cases was necessary even amputation injuries.

Horror causes the list published on the internet and is reportedly Children's Hospital Boston, showing the wounds of the children: "Trauma in the leg, 9 and 10 years. Femur fracture, 12 years old. Trauma to the head 2 and 14 years. "

At the same time, the network Fox News and spoke for the third explosive device nearby Mandarin. Finally confirmed that special police units identified on and off at least two other explosive devices.

According to the BBC two explosions came from the Hotel Fairmont Copley Plaza, located near the finish line of the Boston Marathon, while representative of the organizing authority said that they were informed by the department of Homeland Security U.S. about 15 minutes before the explosion evacuate the area, but this was impossible as it was thousands of spectators and athletes.

Claire Falgkoust, which waited for her husband to complete the route, described that "the building exploded, I heard a loud noise and then I saw glasses lie everywhere. Something hit my head, but I do not know what it was. All I did was to bend. "

As the BBC eyewitness and former military Bruce Mendelson the time of the explosion was a strong smell of gunpowder, stressing that the scenes chaos that lived reminded him strongly the terrorist attack on the twin towers.

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