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Monday, March 25, 2013

The impasse of the Greek Prime Minister

Feels "betrayed" by the Germans and the EU - "Everything will depend on the strength of society," reportedly said the Greek Prime Minister Samaras.

There is intense debate last week at Maximus. The concern is not so much the "discordant" and Vroutsi Mergos nor in conflict with Karamanlis Stournara core array.
Due to the behavior of German and European Union do not seem to understand the explosive situation on the Greek society and refuse to recognize the political difficulties of the government.
It is unknown what the commitments received k.Samaras k.Merkel from the previous period, which made him an icon of optimism turns out to parliamentarians but also those he met.
Before just one month, Mr. Samaras, in a relaxed discussion with Members, appeared confident unwavering help and support will come from the side of Germany and the European Union. In other interlocutors had expressed confidence that Merkel will understand and allow the relaxation of austerity in Greece.
Since then much has changed and the last 10 days, the Prime Minister with difficulty hiding his disappointment and concern me.
He rejected the bill Raichenmpach Development Minister k.Chatzidaki which the government aims to address the major problem of over-indebted households.
The Germans believe that the losses for banks that now control themselves after the recapitalization will exceed 2 billion and refuse to discuss it.
Some sources even carry and one improper and abusive behavior by Raichenmpach to Mr Hatzidakis while the latter conveyed the agony of the government for the risk of social explosion from possible foreclosures against borrowers. The German, head of the Task Force, reportedly closed the discussion with Mr Hatzidakis insolent manner, saying: "We decide why we put the money."
Samaras received three more powerful blows.
The first was the demand of the Germans to directly activate the new law on the taxation of real estate, despite the political arguments allegedly used by the government.
The second was the inelegant way in which Mrs Merkel, through Mr. Olli Rehn, closed in on the "error" that the IMF admitted to the program implemented in Greece. Apart from the negative reflexes created in public opinion and cost the government, Prime Minister annoyed by the placement of substance Rehn.
The Commissioner attributed responsibilities in Greece and political instability that existed for the failure of the program. Behind these words, k.Samaras saw a trend and blame to him if found failure of the program in the future.
The trio hit in less than 24 hours, came back from Rehn essentially confirmed Mr. Mergos to further reduce the minimum wage in 2014. Despite denials by the government, Mr. Samaras is experienced enough to realize how much damage has occurred to the government.
Prime Minister sees the intention of the American actor to 'play' with the main opponent of A. Tsipras time he chose to identify with Berlin.
In deeply and agent called Costas Karamanlis. He has learned that former Prime Minister disagrees with the strategic choices and especially the binding of Greece to the chariot of Germany.
He fears that a possible destabilization and delegitimation of government policy, the next step will be contesting the inside of the New Republic.
Within all this came the results of the economic indicators for January show dip in revenue, a huge reduction in consumption and predispose the worst.
As confides to his colleagues Mr. Samaras' Everything will be judged by the strength of society. "
He knows that if there is a default by a major part of society if they perform administrative measures for the repayment of debts to the public, this will be the end.
This development wants to prevent at all costs the Prime Minister and this may be a dramatic warning to Merkel with whatever that entails

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