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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Fisherman discovered biceps Shark

A fetus with two heads shark was discovered by a fisherman in the Gulf of Mexico

Scientists have confirmed the discovery of a two-headed bull shark fetus, believed to be the first in the world.
The two headed shark found in the Gulf of Mexico, according to a study by Michigan State University published in the Journal of Fish Biology.
It was discovered by a fisherman when he opened the womb of an adult shark in 2011, about one year after the oil spill Deepwater Horizon, in the Gulf of Mexico.
While other species of sharks have been born in the past with two heads - including the blue shark and the shark-spotted dogfish this is the first appearance of a bull shark with two heads.
The Michael Wagner, assistant professor of fisheries and wildlife at MSU, said: "These are hardy little creatures, but nevertheless, the two-headed fetus probably died shortly after birth."
In most cases biceps creatures, shortly after birth died.
Mr. Wagner said that there are many more instances biceps lizards and snakes because they often bred in captivity, where breeders can monitor and control their oddities.
Once discovered, the shark was transferred to the Department of Marine Sciences at Florida Keys Community College and then at Michigan Statena, where Mr. Wagner and his team used MRI to study it.
They found two different heads, hearts and stomachs.
The rest of the body, then religated to form a single queue.
While the professor noted in his research that the distortion of shark can be combined with exposure to pollutants in oil spill Deepwater Horizon.
He added: "We have enough evidence to support a particular cause."
According to the International Shark Attack File, there were 80 cases of unprovoked shark attacks against humans in 2012, with seven deaths.
Source: dailymail
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