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Thursday, September 3, 2015

The true Story of the Refugee Boys Who Found Death on Their Way to Greece , watch the shocking video

Relatives of the young refugee boys Aylan and Galip Kurdi whose bodies were found washed up on the shores of the Mediterranean have spoken for the first time,.

The three-year-old Aylan and his five-year-old brother Galip drowned when the overcrowded dinghy filled with a total of 17 refugees fleeing the war in Syria capsized shortly into the crossing to the Greek island of Kos, the Daily Mail reports says. The Kurdi family had fled their hometown of Kobane in the wake of the ISIS attack.

Their mother, 35-year-old Rehan, died with them at sea as well. Only father Abdullah survived, making it back to the shore. A total of 13 passengers are believed to have died. The boys’ aunt has spoken to the press for the tragedy.

Aylan and Galip, who were not wearing life jackets, could not survive when the boat overturned in the dead of night, some 30 minutes after it set off from the holiday resort of Bodrum in Turkey. Their dead bodies, still clad in tiny T-shirts and shorts, washed up on Ali Hoca Point Beach and boatmen alerted the authorities.

The boys’ aunt, Teema Kurdi, spoke of the moment a heartbroken Abdullah Kurdi telephoned relatives to tell them about the tragedy. She also said that Mr. Kurdi now plans to return to the family’s war-torn hometown in order to lay the boys and their mother to rest.

According to local reports, the boats were part of a flotilla of dinghys that were boarded at an inlet before leaving off Akyarlar – the nearest point from Turkey to the Greek island of Kos.

Another dinghy among the flotilla, which was carrying a further 16 refugees to Kos, also overturned, with eight of the passengers confirmed dead, four missing and four survivors.

The Turkish coastguard confirmed that none of the boats had made it to Kos – all turned back to Bodrum.

The route between Bodrum and Kos is one of the shortest from Turkey to the Greek islands, only about 13 miles. Thousands of refugees and migrants are attempting the perilous sea crossing despite the serious risks.

The dead are among the 2,500 people who have already lost their lives at sea this year while fleeing from war-torn and poor regions trying to reach safety in Europe.

Watch the shocking video on youtube click here

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Monday, August 31, 2015

Here is a story of a successfull hardworking Filipino chef in Greece who raised in Athens by OFW parents

Here is another success  story of a hardworking Filipino chef in Greece, Proud Filipino, Born and  raised in Athens, Greece by ofw parents. 
 Here in Athens, many Asian restaurants employ Filipino chefs. Among them are chefs whose experience, diligence and creativity in the kitchen have earned them praise from their employers, customers, and kababayan. 
Filipino chefs have distinguished themselves in culinary arts. Perhaps the most prominent Filipino chef today is Cris Ian Abadiano, Commis Chef (Cook C/3rd Cook)  at the Daios Cove Luxury Resort & Villas in Crete.
Cris belongs to the younger generation of chefs. A man with a happy disposition,  cooking is his passion. To him, every dish is a work of art to savor and appreciate.hrust in a new culture, he struggled to adjust to the city’s way of life and the Greek language. Eventually, he was able to overcome the initial difficulties. A real Filipino chef who has gained popularity not only among Filipinos but Greeks as well. 

“A chef does not only cook, but must also be knowledgeable in other aspects of cooking, like food costing, measurements, and storage, among others, “ Cris said.
According to Cris , the key to success is patience and hard work. “Huwag tumigil mangarap,” he adds. (Don’t stop dreaming.) Filipinos can be the greatest tool against the Greek crisis.
We, in tsismosaonline.com sent our reporter to Athens Voula College Preparatory [AVCP] to hear from  first hand that  “Cris Ian Abadiano was always the example of a hard working Philippino young man.
Cris never missed a day of class.Always punctual, attentive delivering quality work on all of his assignments. Standing above the crowd is hard for most young people. Yet, Cris Ian always did. “We are so proud of Cris”
Having graduated with ‘honors’ from the Alpine Center for Culinary Arts after his internship
at the 5 Star Adelmar Resorts and Hotels in Crete, today Cris is known as “Chef Cris Ian Abadiano”.
Currently, Chef Cris is creating delectable specialtiesat the 5 Star Daios Cove Luxury Resorts & Villas in Crete.

He dreams of one day opening a restaurant that serves Filipino dishes.

Chef Cris Ian Abadiano represent the Filipino chefs in Greece who are making good in Greece, inspiring other Filipinos who aspire to be excellent cooks.

If you contact with pinoy  parents in Greece you will learn the success story of their kids  and some of those stories  behind the teaching is the college Preparatory Institute of Private Instruction. If you ask, we will tell you the same!!, So stay connected for more success stories of Filipino In Greece. or contact now with a tsismosaonline.com news reporter and watch your successful story published.

reporting for tsismosaonline.com
Pinay Ako sa Greece
Mary Anna

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Friday, August 28, 2015

First Female Prime Minister for Greece announced, She is former president of the country’s supreme court

Vassiliki Thanou, president of the country’s supreme court, will head the caretaker government until the elections, expected next month

Greece’s top supreme court judge Vassiliki Thanou was named the head of a caretaker government to lead the country to elections, which are expected next month.

Greek election confusion raises fresh fears over ability to pay debts
 Read more
After a final effort to get political party leaders to form a coalition failed, the office of president Prokopis Pavlopoulos said he was obliged to appoint a new caretaker administration that will be sworn in on Friday.

Thanou, the president of the supreme court, becomes the country’s first female prime minister and will be sworn in later on Thursday.

The date for Greece’s general election – the fifth in six years – is to be officially announced by Pavlopoulos by the end of the week, but it is likely to be scheduled for 20 September.

The outgoing prime minister, Alexis Tsipras, resigned last week and triggered the snap elections after suffering a major rebellion in his Syriza party over Greece’s huge new international bailout.

On Wednesday, he ruled out forming a national unity government should he fail to win an outright majority.

Tsipras resigned barely seven months into his four-year term following a rebellion in his radical left Syriza party over his agreement to austerity terms tied to Greece’s third international bailout.

Syriza hardliners were furious that Tsipras signed the deal that demands even harsher spending cuts and tax hikes than those he had vowed to abolish when he was elected in January. The deal was approved with support from opposition parties.

The 41-year-old prime minister has argued he was left with no choice but to accept European creditors’ demands, in order to avoid Greece defaulting on its debts and being forced out of the euro currency the country shares with another 18 European nations.

Greece has relied on funds from two bailouts by other European countries and the International Monetary Fund totaling nearly 240 billion euros ($270 billion) since 2010.

The second bailout expired earlier this year, and Tsipras insisted he could negotiate a better deal for his country. But the talks with creditors floundered and eventually collapsed in June, with Tsipras calling a referendum and urging Greeks to vote against creditor demands. They overwhelmingly did so, but the prime minister eventually signed up to even stricter demands in return for a third bailout worth 86 billion euros ($97 billion).

Despite his about-face on policies, Tsipras is expected to win the next election although it’s unclear whether he will secure enough parliamentary seats to govern alone. He has ruled out a coalition with any of the centrist opposition parties: center-right New Democracy, the socialist PASOK party or the small centrist To Potami party.

Unless other smaller parties manage to enter Parliament, that would leave his current coalition partner, the nationalist Independent Greeks.

It is unlikely he would form a government with Popular Unity, formed by Syriza dissenters, the Nazi-inspired Golden Dawn, whose leader and lawmakers still face criminal charges, or the communist KKE party.

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Here is a Success story of Eight Filipino Students with OFW parents in Greece who continue to beat the Greek economic crisis

The difficult economic situation in Greece has not dampened business for these eight Filipino students with ofw parents

When we read the news about the woes of overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) in Greece such as homesickness, terrible employers or getting displaced in an internal conflict, we may easily question if going to Greece was such a sound decision after all. We left our country to look for greener pastures and not trouble.

But come to think of it, while we see fellow OFWs suffer in Greece— and we sympathize with them — many of us also reap the benefits as OFWs. We learn new things, we broaden our horizons as we contribute to the well-being of our families and our country. Here are some exciting success stories of graduated Filipino students with ofw parents, a good reasons to come to Greece.

Athina Cacatian
Studies International Hospitality and Tourism 
Management at Alpine Center 
Glyfada, Athens Greece
Athina’s Academic Achievements will include a Bachelor’s Degree
from Cardiff University U.K. 
Athina is presently doing her internship at the 5* Atlantica Sensatori Hotel and Resort 
We are very proud of you Athina, wishing you all success!


John Anastacio Hilario 

John ‘Anas’ to his friends
has always had a strong inclination 
toward the Culinary Arts.  
His academic achievements have earned him
a recommendation and acceptance to study 
at the Alpine Center of Glyfada, Athens Greece
John begins his studies at Alpine in September 
Bravo! “Anas”


John Abuy

John 'Gil ' to his friends, will be studying 
International Hotel & Tourism Management 
at Alpine the Swiss Business School 
of City Unity College in Glyfada, Greece.
Additionally John will also graduate with a Bachelor’s Degree from Cardiff University.
We all are very proud of 'Gil ' on his 
been accepted at Alpine, and wish him much 
success in his studies

Mark Lester Francisco

Mark's AVCP academic achievements have earned 
him acceptance at the Hellenic American University  
Undergraduate BSIT Program, at the Athens Campus.
Mark's hard work and diligence propelled him to graduate 
on the top of his class. 
We are very proud of Mark and wish him all due success!




Rein Ashley Dizon

Graduating on the Top of her class
Rein an excellent student, who always worked hard and achieves results.
A team player on all projects, setting high goals for success for her self  and her team  a respectful and a helpful individual to her classmates and her teachers. 
Her friends describe her as a fun person to be around a loyal friend and among those 'most likely to succeed'.
Rein has chosen to study International 
Hotel & Tourism Management
at Alpine the Swiss Business School 
of City Unity College in Glyfada, Greece. 
Additionally Rein will graduate with a Bachelor’s Degree from Cardiff University.

Rechelle Bhing Del Rosario

Rechelle, will also be studying
International Hotel & Tourism Management 
at Alpine the Swiss Business School 
at City Unity College in Glyfada, Greece.
Rechelle an excellent student and a hard working 
individual, is result driven, and a team player on all projects.
At the completion of her studies, Rechelle will also graduate
with a Bachelor’s degree from Cardiff University
We all are so proud! of you Rechelle and wish you
‘much deserved academic career success’

Niko Lahiru K. D. Madistharage

‘Niko’ will also be studying 
International Hotel and Tourism Management
at Alpine the Swiss Business School 
of City Unity College in Glyfada, Greece.
Niko will complete his studies by earning a Bachelor’s
Degree from Cardiff University U.K. as well
A very personable young man, quick to smile 
and very helpful to everyone that may have a need. 
Wishing you all success!

Alli Dimaculangan Rashid

Alli's future Academic plans are in 
Computer Software Design and Engineering.
Having scored High on his SAT testing
Alli is presently undergoing special training 
that will see him to the next stage of his academic career. 
Alli wishes to study in the U.S. and he will be choosing
the University of his choice this coming Fall.
Alli, the Valedictorian of the 2015Graduating class
is of strong character and ethics,
a hard working individual and a team player 
on all projects he was involved in. 
As of recent, Alli has joined the training program of the 
Volunteer Fire Fighting Brigade of Ymittos-Argyroupoli Branch

Wow !! what a good story, dont you agree? As we adapt into our new home, we get to learn many things: language, food, customs and traditions. In the process we realize there are things we need to change within ourselves. In a nutshell, being an OFW is also like being a student, we learn many things and we’re given free hand to apply them.
We, in tsismosaonline.com sent our reporter to Athens Voula College Preparatory [AVCP] to get a better understanding as to who is behind the teaching and promoting to our children. The people at this Institute of Private Instruction are responsible for having worked hard with these students so that they can achieve their rightful place as the leaders of tomorrow in our Greek and Filipino community and in the field they will be working in. Here’s what they told our reporter:

Parents work very hard for a better way of life to provide for each and every need of their child. This is especially true with Overseas Filipino Workers. They toil hard every day to make sure their family is taken care of, and they want a better future for their child. At Athens Voula College Preparatory [AVCP] we fully understand and respect the parents concern for their family and their children’s educational needs. 
At AVCP we have the expertise required to fulfil the educational needs for the student of these filipino families. Our students are taught to be hard working successful leaders. AVCP graduates are equipped to become someone important. We daily instill in our students the reality of success and self-worth. We teach and expect our students to work hard in their studies and teach good moral character assisting them in becoming ‘the best they can be’.

Our track record is impeccable. Being accepted to study at AVCP gives your child the unique opportunity to be a Top-student ensuring him/her a bright future. Your friends and relatives children that graduated from AVCP have already been placed in Institutions of Higher Learning. Bachelor’s Degrees and professional careers are earned by them. These children will have access to the best paying jobs in Greece and world-wide.  Doesn’t your child deserve the same opportunity for success? AVCP prepares your student for tomorrow not with words, but with action. We strive to embed in the heart of the student the feeling of ‘worth’, the feeling of     ‘Yes I can’, ‘Yes, I will succeed’- and they do!                                                                                  
Our track-record and student success stories are proof.
AVCP utilizes a U.S. accredited curriculum.  The student is trained to the latest standards of U.S. education. PSAT and SAT training is standard. Through this curriculum he/she may excel and have the opportunity to study at, and receive scholarships from English speaking Institutions   of higher learning. These Colleges and Universities may be in Greece, Europe North America and etc. 
Daily lessons include proper teaching of the Greek language and instruction on how to adjust to this society. As time goes by the student begins to open up and feel equal, not different. They will gain confidence, sense of accomplishment and self-worth. In this way the student can better adjust to the cultural differences, new language and the pressure of living and growing up in a different society and environment. Your student will become a socially and educationally well-balanced individual’ that Colleges and employers seek.
AVCP’s new Academic Year begins on September 15th. Enroll your child in the Institute that produces ‘The Leaders of Tomorrow’.

Wow again! If we didn’t get a closer glimpse of our success stories in Greece when we were back in the Philippines, we might even get backstage passes when those young Filipino leaders visit our cities for promotion and entertainment. We in tsismosaonline.com ,  must say that if you contact with pinoy  parents in Greece you will learn the success story of their kids  and some of those stories  behind the teaching is the  college Preparatory Institute of Private Instruction. If you ask Us, we will tell you the same!!, So stay connected for more success stories of Filipino In Greece. or contact now with a tsismosaonline.com news reporter and watch your successful story published.

Reporting for tsismosaonline 
Pinay Ako sa Greece
Mary Anna

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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Remittances centers in Marousi and Omonia are open, Filipino remittances still closed. find who is the first money transfer business in Greece who open today

THIREOS EXCHANGE S.A. offices in Marousi area Athens  and in Omonioa square Athens -Greece are open today and you can send money abroad to any physical person untill the amount of 500 euro in a month per person.That means your relative in Philippines  need to go in personal at the shop and pick up the money  from Greece, not throught bank.
Yes is true . we in tsismosaonline.com called those two numbers +30210 8016952 and +30210 3215711 and asked. the persons who answered confirmed the information is true. As they said the rate today for Philippines  is 53.49, service charged for 500 euro is 6 euro.
Reporting for tsismosaonline.com,
Filipino Gr
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Why Filipino Remittances centers in Greece denied to open for 500euro limit per client, How you will transfer money abroad now , Read the true story find answers

Over a month is Greece under capitals contols and we been receiving thousands txt messages on facebook, from filipinos, asking when the remittances centers in Greece will open again.
August 18 -2015 after a meeting in the Greek parlianment,  Greek finance Minister Euclid Tsakalotos announced new adjustments to the capital controls on the Greek economy.
The law Published, the same date at 3 am in the morning,  at Greek Government Gazette with number V'1721 and allowed to send 500 euro per person outside Greece, in a month, starting  immediately  effect.
Good news you will say. Yes . We also in the tsismosaonline.com , the founder and the personnel, we thought the same. God bless, its over , filipinos in Greece can send  500 euro , in a month, to their families back. Certainly better than nothing.

Noooo, wrong again. untill now, Filipino remittances center, the money transfer business in Greece for OFW denied to open. Even when the Greek law Published, their excuse untill now  is "we STILL waiting for the official instructions from the Greek Authority as to when we can start operating again."
How is that possible you will ask? who denied business? its not true you will say.
Lets see the facts here
Have you ever heard for any Authority, everywere in the world, that comes to your door if you dont do a crime first? really ?? Do you think Greek Authority, Greek public workers will come to your filipino door , to say hi, kumusta ka na? , we are from the Goverment, we  came to tell ,you can start operating again, collect money, get rich, pay your personnel, your bills etc etc. Realy ???
People of remittances centers, ownwers and personnel here is the truth, you dont need to waiting for the Greek Authority to come to you, If you really want to operate your business again, you can do it for 500 euro per person in a month , just send your lawyers to bring you the Greek Government Gazette with number V'1721 . so simple.
But ofcource , that means you will need to pay extra money to update your computer system for working with 500 euro limit. You as money transfer business,  you will need to change the rate commission, you will need to print other reciepts with low commission and high taxes , you  as money transfer business , you will need to pay your personnel extra for only 500 euro per person in a month coming from your clients back to you? Thats no business, you will lose money. and there is no profit enough. Right?
You cannot do it right?
Because you know that the capital controls maybe remain for 2 0r 3 years , you choose as business to remain closed, typical you choose to wait until Greek parlianment,  the Greek finance Minister after the Greek elections ends,  will  announce new adjustments again  and may increase the limit of 500 euro in a month.
How can i managed to transfer money abroad Now? today? 
Has anybody managed to transfer money from Greece to Philippines? 
Very Good question. There are several other ways to transfer money abroad, today without going to any remittances center . You just need to think about it. If your filipino in Greece you dont realy need to depend on any remittance center here , and wait when and if  open again. Yes ofcourse you must not choose any illegal business to transfer money abroad.We dont say that. 

option no 1
Greek banks send money abroad , 500 euro per person in a month, with your Swift Code(Swift Code is a  unique identification code for your bank in the Philippines.If you dont know the  Swift Code of your bank in Philippines, please read bellow -All Philippines Bank SWIFT Codes)

Note: You are allowed to transfer up to €5,000 in 3 months if it is for students studying abroad. You need proof it is for tuition fees, an application form from bank and upefthini dilosi.
We in tsismosaonline.com managed to transfer money to Philippines yesterday August 25 -2015 with succsess.using Greek bank

Option no 2
Transfer money online, yes we will not hide Banks charge hidden fees when you send money abroad, so why dont you use an online service to transfer money to Philippines? If you are in Greece you can tranfer money to Philippines online.

We in tsismosaonline.com managed to transfer money to Philippines yesterday August 25 -2015 with succsess. using online money tranfer

service no 1
for TransferWise click here

service no 2
for CurrencyFair click here

Option no 3

Use cheque or credit/debit card to transfer money to Philippines. If you dont have cheque or credit/debit card , ask from your employer to use his/her cheque or credit/debit card and keep the money from your salary later. I mean you work here in Greece to support your family in Philippines right? Time to stop the cheap excuses and ask help from your Greek employer.

We in tsismosaonline.com managed to transfer money to Philippines yesterday August 25 -2015 with succsess using our employer and founder of this website,  cheque or credit/debit card

Swift Code is a standard format of Bank Identifier Codes (BIC) and it is unique identification code for a particular bank. These codes are used when transferring money between banks, particularly for international wire transfers. Banks also used the codes for exchanging other messages between them.

All Philippines Bank SWIFT Codes

Below are two websites with the SWIFT codes for all banks in Philippines. These SWIFT codes are only the active participants who are connected to SWIFT network. The passive participant’s codes are excluded from the list.

website no 1 click here

website no 2 click here

Reporting for tsismosaonline.com
FilipinaAna maria

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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Philippine President Benigno Aquino said Stop random inspections of balikbayan boxes, Watch What are balikbayan boxes

There will be no random or arbitrary physical inspection of balikbayan boxes."

This was the first point made in a statement released on the website of the Department of Finance regarding the issue of customs officials inspecting care packages sent by overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) to their relatives in the Philippines.

The statement was released on Monday evening (August 24) after President Benigno Aquino III met with Finance Secretary Cesar Purisma and Customs Commissioner Albert Lina.

According to the statement, some 7.2 million balikbayan boxes are sent per month and that inspections are made on the basis of actual intelligence of a potential violation or threat.

The Department of Finance (DOF) said the president has ordered the Bureau of Customs to immediately stop the random or arbitrary inspection of balikbayan boxes and that these should undergo mandatory X-ray and K-9 examination at no cost to the sender.

Only in cases where there are derogatory findings from the X-ray or K-9 examination will there be a physical inspection of goods.

Should a physical inspection be needed, the BOC will request that a representative of the Overseas Workers Welfare Administration (OWWA) or a designated officer of an OFW association be present, with provisions for CCTV monitoring of the proceedings.

Employees who violate the protocol or "engage in pilferage" will be prosecuted and punished.

The DOF also encouraged the public to submit videotaped or photographic evidence of such acts to the Customs chief.

 Elmo de Guia spent only two years working as a mechanic in Saudi Arabia, but he sent well over 10 boxes over that period. 

He says it has become part of his routine, just like the other Filipinos he met abroad.

He said he'd go to shopping malls after receiving his pay and buy things to send home.

Jaime Cosco, on the other hand, spent 17 years in Japan. He says he has mastered the technique of filling a box to the brim.

Always at the top of his shopping list are clothes – but not because Tokyo is known as one of the top fashion capitals in the world.

Cosco says he would use clothes to stuff empty spaces in the boxes to prevent fragile items from breaking.

A study by anthropologist Dr. Clement Camposano says the balikbayan box is a way for overseas Filipinos to feel they are still part of their household

Another study, published by international librarian Jade Alburo, says that the balikbayan box not only shows how much Filipino workers abroad care for their loved ones, they also provide bragging rights for brand-conscious Filipinos.

Just like Zenith Asuncion who looks forward to the balikbayan boxes of her eldest son in Germany because of the European items he sends which she can't afford locally.

One time, she asked for a bag, and her son went the extra mile sending her a signature bag.

Social status symbol or care package, the balikbayan box is no doubt a part of Philippine culture that will stay for generations to come.

Watch on youtube What are balikbayan boxes
click here

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Monday, August 24, 2015

Unbelievable but true, F-16 Jet Fighter Pilot is a Filipina

In the intense field of military pilots where male rules preeminent, a valiant 33-year-old Filipino lady beat the chances to turn into the first Filipina to fly the supersonic F-16 fighting Falcon fighter jet that carried combat missions in Iraq as an individual from the United States Air Force (USAF)
The F-16 Fighting Falcon or most commonly known as the “Viper” is a state-of-the- art fighter aircraft. It has been a high-performance weapon system for the US and allied nations for it has been used in numerous air-to-air combats. This specific aircraft has exceeded all the potential threat fighter aircrafts. Its feature as an offense-defense weapon is very precise that it can perform on any weather condition. This kind of plane is a complicated device meant to be handled by highly qualified pilots.. The F-16 or the Viper has played vital roles in most of America ’s wars with the most recent being in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom. An F-16 fighter plane is what Monessa Catuncan navigates.
MonessaCatuncan F16 fighter pilot
Capt. Monessa Catuncan, was highlighted by the Asian Journal for her exceptional accomplishments as a pilot of F-16 fighter jet. She is the youngest daughter of Filipino immigrants Mr. & Mrs. Ramon Catuncan, formerly lives in Pasay City and Olongapo City but now situated in Mesquite, Texas.
But before Monessa even set foot to the elite US Air Force, this humble Pinay, like almost everybody else earned her way to success.
“I think I want to be an astronaut,” her father Ramon Catuncan recalled her saying after she saw “Armagedon” while a sophomore at the Mesquite High School.
“I told her it would require a lot of hard work to realize her ambition but she told me that would not deter her,” he said.
He said her daughter’s favorite foods are adobo, afritada and kare-kare.
Indeed, even in her initial years in school, Monessa exceeded expectations in scholastics, graduating valedictorian in a class of 693 in Mesquite High School in Texas in 2000.
Catuncan said that while his daughter was still in high school she caught the attention of the Coast Guard, who invited her in 1999 to Connecticut to interest her in becoming a Coast Guard helicopter pilot.
Monessa went to Connecticut for about two weeks to check out the Coast Guard but in the end she said she was not interested in flying helicopters. She wanted to be a fixed wing pilot.
After graduating at the top of her high school class in Dallas County, Texas, Monessa enrolled at the US Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs and majored in aeronautical engineering.
Like all of her colleagues, Monessa went through an Undergraduate Pilot Training (UPT) before becoming a fighter pilot. However, she didn’t just pass her UPT – she excelled in it.
That same year. While at USAFA, Monessa, aside from pursuing her desired career as part of the US Air Force, served as a Squadron Commander, a Division-1 tennis player, a Glider Instructor Pilot, and a member of the Glider Acrobatic Team, among other essential positions. In 2004, Monessa graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Astronautical Engineering from the USAFA.
Monessa proved herself, and finished the course as one of the top student-pilots in her class. She was then chosen to fly either a fighter or a bomber aircraft. After her course at Moody Air Force, she went to Laughlin Air Force Base in Del Rio , Texas and Sheppard Air Force Base in Wichita Falls to fly the T-38. In her training there, Monessa learned the basics of formation flying, offensive and defensive fighter maneuvering, and surface attack bombing techniques. Monessa went through intense studying and was put in a variety of stressful situations in order to pass this training.
From flying T- 38, she had an option of choosing from different aircrafts like the F-15E Strike Eagle, F-15C Eagle, F-16 Fighting Falcon, B-1B Lancer, A-10 Warthog, B-52 Stratofortress, and F/A-22 Raptor, and T-6 or T-38 are also options. After her T-38 course, Monessa requested to fly an F-16 Falcon, and she got what she wanted.
Monessa went through with her training to hone her skill at maneuvering fighter jets at Luke Air Force Base in Phoenix , Arizona where she learned how to control and apply tactics of the F-16 Fighter Falcon, or Viper. Monessa finished her course at Luke Air Force Base with flying colors and was part of the “Lucky number 13” graduate from class 2007. She was the only woman in her group, not to mention the only Filipino to pass the much-coveted pilot course.
Captain Monessa Catuncan
She was commissioned as a USAF second lieutenant in 2004 and after training as an F-16 jet pilot was sent to Iraq with the 34th Fighter Squadron to support US ground troops in close air support missions.
Early this year she was promoted to captain and assigned at Hill Air Force Base in Salt Lake City, Utah.
As the first Filipina to fly the F-16, Capt. Catuncan “also carries the Philippine flag and the pride of the country it represents and the people in it.”
The US Air Force is an elite organization and to a pilot, an F-16 fighter plane is a prized possession. Monessa, through her perseverance and hard work, has earned not only the fly the F-16, but also the pride and honor of defending the United States , as well as making the Filipinos proud.

Article from Filiipina Anamaria
24-8-2015 for tsismosaonline.com
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2015 Census of Filipinos Population started August 10, The Philippine Embassy in Athens Greece supports the survey that will last for 25 days

On Monday, August 10, the Philippine government started with its new round of house-to-house and institutional surveys to determine the country's latest population.

This is the 14th census of population to be undertaken in the Philippines, with the very first census conducted in 1903.

The most recent census – the May 2010 survey – revealed a total population of 92,337,852. Based on projections given this most recent population, it is believed that the 2015 population could reach over 100 million.

In fact, the country's population had already reached 100 million in July 2014.

Here's some information you need to know about the 2015 Census:

1. What agency will facilitate the census?

The Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) is tasked to take an inventory of the population in the Philippines.

Republic Act 10625, or the Philippine Statistical Act of 2013, states that PSA "shall prepare and conduct periodic censuses on population, housing, agriculture, fisheries, business, industry, and other sectors of the economy."

Based on the 2015 General Appropriations Act (GAA), around P2.13 billion of the total budget allotted to PSA was assigned to the 2015 Census.

2. How long will the survey be conducted?

The 2015 census starts on August 10. It is expected to last for 25 days (including Saturdays and holidays) up to September 6 in most provinces, and may be extended in big cities.

Each household census interview will take from 15 to 30 minutes. Among the questions to be asked by enumerators are household members’ age, sex, marital status, education, and occupation.

3. Who will conduct the surveys?

PSA will send about 90,000 enumerators to conduct the house-to-house interviews. Enumerators will be wearing their standard uniform: they will wear T-shirts and ID cards, and will bring clipboards, umbrella, and rain coats, all with the PSA logo and design.

Also, the IDs of the enumerators will bear the signature of PSA National Statistician and Civil Registrar General Lisa Grace Bersales.

About 23,000 supervisors were hired to supervise groups of enumerators.

The statisticians of the provincial offices of PSA will serve as census area supervisors. Other regular personnel from the PSA central office and field offices shall also serve as supervisors during the census.

4. Who should respond to the surveys?

For house-to-house surveys, enumerators will use the Household Questionnaire (CP Form 2), to be answered by the head of the household or his/her spouse, or any responsible member of the household who can provide accurate answers to the questions, or can give correct information for the household and all its members.

Other types of surveys include:

the Institutional Population survey (CP Form 4) for the manager/administrator/individual members of the institution or institutional living quarter
the Barangay Schedule survey (CP Form 5) for the Punong Barangay or any incumbent barangay official
RA 10625 requires a truthful response to the survey. Any individual who refuses or fails to give truthful and complete answers to statistical inquiries shall be penalized with one-year imprisonment and a fine of P100,000.

5. Is it safe to divulge information in the survey?

All census personnel are required to keep in strict confidence any information obtained during the survey. RA 10625 states that the data provided by survey respondents "shall be considered privileged information and as such shall be inadmissible as evidence in any proceeding."

A breach of this confidentiality of information will yield a fine of between P5,000 and P10,000 and/or imprisonment from 3 months up to 1 year.

6. When will the final statistics be released to the public?

The population count by province, city, municipality, and barangay will be submitted to the Office of the President for proclamation as official census counts in January 2016.

Other detailed data will be released on a staggered basis starting the last quarter of 2016.

PSA releases data only in the form of summaries or statistical tables. Information to be released will have no reference to any particular individual or institution. 

The Philippine Embassy in Athens Greece supports the survey
What is the 2015 Census of Population?
The 2015 Census of Population (POPCEN 2015), which is a complete enumeration of households in the country, is designed primarily to take an inventory of the population of the entire Philippines. It also collects information about some characteristics of the population such as age, sex, marital status, and highest grade completed. It will be the 14th census of population to be undertaken in the country since the first census in 1903. Moreover, it will be the 3rd population census to be conducted in between two decennial censuses. Previous to POPCEN 2015, mid-decade censuses were carried out in 1995 and 2007.

What is the main objective of the POPCEN 2015?
The POPCEN 2015 aims to provide government executives, policy and decision makers, and planners with population data, especially updated population counts of all barangays in the country, on which to base their social and economic development plans, policies, and programs.

What are the legal bases of the PSA for conducting the POPCEN 2015?
The authority and mandate of the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) to conduct the POPCEN 2015 emanates from RA No. 10625 and Executive Order No. 352.

Approved on September 12, 2013, Republic Act (RA) No. 10625, also known as the Philippine Statistical Act of 2013, states that the PSA shall be primarily responsible for all national censuses and surveys, sectoral statistics, consolidation of administrative recording system, and compilation of national accounts. Specifically, Section 6(b) of this Act mandates the PSA to prepare and conduct periodic censuses on population, housing, agriculture, fisheries, business, industry, and other sectors of the economy.

Executive Order No. 352 – Designation of Statistical Activities That Will Generate Critical Data for Decision-Making of the Government and the Private Sector, stipulates the conduct of a mid-decade census primarily to update the population count in all barangays nationwide.

What are the basic uses of the statistics that will be derived from the POPCEN 2015?
The uses of POPCEN data encompass all sectors. Among the important uses of the data from this census are the following:

In government:

$1·         redistricting and apportionment of congressional seats;

$1·         allocation of resources and revenues;

$1·         creation/conversion of political and administrative units;

$1·         formulation of policies concerning various segments of the population (children, youth, elderly, women of reproductive age, voting age, and working age); and

$1·         formulation of policies and programs relative to the delivery of basic services, such as on health, education, employment, housing, infrastructure, disaster relief, and other socio-economic concerns.

In business and industry:

$1·         identification of sites for establishing businesses;

$1·         determination of consumer demands for various goods and services; and

$1·         improvement of supply of labor for the production of goods and services.

In research and academic institutions:

$1·         conduct of researches on population and related  disciplines; and

$1·         study of population growth and geographic distribution as bases in preparing population projections at the national and sub-national levels.

When will the census enumeration be conducted?
The listing and enumeration for the POPCEN 2015 will last for about 25 working days (including Saturdays and holidays), from August 1 to 31, 2015.

Who shall be the respondents in the census?
There are 3 types of questionnaires to be used in this census: the Household Questionnaire (CP Form 2), the Institutional Population Questionnaire (CP Form 4), and the Barangay Schedule (CP Form 5).

The respondent for CP Form 2 shall be the head of the household or his/her spouse, or any responsible member of the household who can provide accurate answers to the questions or who can give correct information for the household and all its members. For CP Form 4, the respondent/s shall be the manager, administrator or the individual members of the institution or institutional living quarter. The Punong Barangay or any incumbent barangay official, meanwhile, shall be the respondent for CP Form 5.

Are census respondents obliged to provide truthful and complete answers to the census?
Yes. Section 27 of RA 10625 states that respondents of primary data collection activities such as censuses and sample surveys are obliged to give truthful and complete answers to statistical inquiries. The gathering, consolidation, and analysis of such data shall likewise be done in the most truthful and credible manner.

Any individual who refuses or fails to give truthful and complete answers to statistical inquiries shall be imposed a penalty of one (1) year imprisonment and a fine of one hundred thousand pesos (P100,000.00).

What will be the assurance of the public that the information given to the census enumerator will not be used for other purposes?
All personnel involved in POPCEN 2015 are required to keep in STRICT CONFIDENCE any information obtained during the census that pertains to any particular household or person.

Section 26 of R.A. No. 10625 stipulates that individual data furnished by a respondent to statistical inquiries, surveys, and censuses of the PSA shall be considered privileged information and as such shall be inadmissible as evidence in any proceeding. The PSA releases data gathered from censuses only in the form of summaries or statistical tables, in which no reference to an individual, corporation, association, partnership, institution or business enterprise shall appear.

Likewise, Section 27 of RA No. 10625 states that a person, including parties within the PSA Board and the PSA, who breach the confidentiality of information, whether by carelessness, improper behavior, behavior with malicious intent, and use of confidential information for profit shall be liable to a fine of five thousand pesos (P5,000.00) to not more than ten thousand pesos (P10,000.00) and/or imprisonment of three months but not to exceed one year, subject to the degree of breach of information.

What data or information will be derived from the POPCEN  2015?
The following information will be asked in the four main census instruments or census forms that will be used during the census:

CP Form 1 – Listing Booklet

Basic Data Items

$1·         Name of the household head/Name or type of institution

$1·         Address of the household/institution

$1·         Number of household/institutional members by sex

CP Form 2 – Household Questionnaire

Demographic and socio-economic characteristics

Registration of deaths among household members

Selected housing characteristics

CP Form 4 – Institutional Population Questionnaire

Demographic and socio-economic characteristics

CP Form 5 – Barangay Schedule

Barangay Characteristics

Who will act as census enumerators and supervisors?
The PSA will hire enumerators (ENs) and team supervisors (TSs) during the census.

Each EN will be tasked to conduct the house-to-house interview. Each TS will supervise a group of ENs.

Regular personnel of the PSA, particularly the Statisticians of the Provincial Offices of the PSA will serve as Census Area Supervisors (CAS). The PSA will hire CAS to augment the number of regular personnel who will act as CAS. The CAS will supervise a group of TSs and ENs.

Other regular personnel from the PSA central office and field offices shall also act as supervisors during the census.

Census Reference Date
August 1, 2015 will be the census reference date for the POPCEN 2015, on which date the enumeration of the population in the Philippines shall refer. This means that all persons to be enumerated as members of a household or as residents of an institutional living quarter will be as of August 1, 2015.

You can go online at : https://psa.gov.ph/ 
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