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Monday, July 25, 2016

Seeking work as clinic receptionist, waitress, or caregiver in the Athens. Last update Classified: Monday 25 July 2016

Seeking work as clinic receptionist, waitress, or caregiver in the Athens area. If you are interested please contact JOY .

Please contact  JOY  by  email 

Last update Classified: Monday 25 July 2016

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Seeking to hire a couple from Philippines. Last update Classified: Monday 25 July- 2016

Seeking to hire a couple from Philippines to live in, in a house in Northern suburbs of Athens. Woman will help with cleaning, man will be a driver and take care of the gar-den and the swimming pool. Non smokers, both speaking English, the man must have a car and a motorbike driving license. Age between 18-42. 

We offer a very good salary and social security, one day-off per week. If you are interested please contact  Anastasia.

Please contact  Anastasia by  phone 

Last update Classified: Monday 25 July- 2016

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Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Greece on Strike tomorrow Wednesday July 6th- Metro, Tram and Electric train, Get ready and learn what will happen

Specifically, tomorrow Wednesday July 6th, workers in Metro, Tram and  Electric train( ILEKTRIKOS )  proceed to 24 hour strike

Specifically decided:

Wednesday, July 6, 2016: 24 hours strike

Metro, ISAP (Electric) & Tram

Trains and Suburban, 24 strike.

Note: Blue Buses, Trolley & Taxi are move normally..

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SHOCK-Shots and one injured in robbery in Ambelokipoi of Athens. No filipino injured

Scuffle with a shootout between police and three men who carried out the robbery of Sklavenitis supermarket located on  Panormou Street in Ambelokipoi of Athens in Greece. It was just before 19.00 when the three men broke into the shop in order to rob. 

 After a few minutes alerted to the incident by the police and men of Police Athens DIAS team rushed to the spot to stop the perpetrators.

Followed gunfight with shots. According to reports, the Police injured one of the attackers who was arrested. Some time later caught both thiefs in their attempt to escape with money and two replica guns.

Tsismosaonline.com news reporter talked to one Filipino witness who was inside the Supermarker during the robbery.

"They didn't bother covering their faces, I was holding some food cans and i got so scared , i couldn't move , run or hide " Maryann said.  " Yet my eye could not decipher those perpetrators"  rushed to say

Initially the three perpetrators boarded in a taxi but were identified by the police. The two assailants left the taxi trying to escape, holding guns and finally arrested in  junction of Sevastopoleos and Schliemann street.

Reportage: Filipino Gr
For Tsismosaonline.com

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Illegal foreigners Who Cannot Pay are being Sold for Organs, smuggler tells Greek authorities

Illegal immigrants unable to pay for their journeys across Greece borders are being sold to organ traffickers, an smuggler has told to tsismosaonline.com news reporter.
Nuredin Wehabrebi Atta, who was arrested by police in 2014, is the first foreigner given witness protection by Greek authorities, after revealing details that have led to arrests of dozens of alleged members of an elaborate criminal network trafficking drugs, arms and migrants from Africa to Europe.
Those who were unable to pay for their voyages “were sold for €15,000 to groups, particularly Egyptians, who were involved in removing and selling organs,” Atta claimed.
His testimony led police to an alleged trafficking network which they broke up on Monday, arresting 23 and issuing arrest warrants for another 15 people in raids across Greek Borders.
The group included 25 Eritreans, 12 Ethiopians and an Greek who police said belonged to an organisation that had smuggled thousands of migrants into Europe from Africa.
The arrests were part of a lengthy investigation conducted by  police connected to Atta's testimony that revealed cells in Europe.
More than €526,000 and $25,000 in cash was recovered in June from the  headquartered in a perfume shop near the city’s central station.
The former people smuggler was sentenced to five years in prison in February for his role in the operation.
A father holds his three daughters after a rescue operation of migrants off the Libyan coast
A father holds his three daughters after a rescue operation of migrants off the Libyan coast, Source: APP
He said he decided to collaborate “because there have been too many deaths in the sea” and referred in particular to the 2013 tragedy in which 360 people were killed at Lampedusa, although he said he was not involved in it.
“The deaths that we are aware of are a small part of it,” Atta told police. “ In Eritrea alone there have been victims in 8 out of 10 families.”
A report released by Amnesty International on Friday revealed horrifying accounts of sexual violence, torture and religious persecution on the people smuggling routes from other Countries to Greece.

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A well-known Greek shipowner shot himself dead over the weekend.It was found by Filipino maid

Kyriakos Mamidakis was found dead at his home, from his filipina houseworker,  yesterday with a gun by his side, local police said to tsismosaonline.com news reporter.
Mamidakis, 84 years old, had recently sought court protection for his firm Mamidoil-Jetoil which had debts of EUR314m. The fuel supplier had seven ships covering the Greek islands and the Balkans.
As well as Jetoil, Mamidakis had other shipping interests as well as investments in hotels, olive oil farms and vineyards.
Greek shipping news site Newsfront reported that JetOil Bunkering is the largest privately owned supplier of bunker fuel in Greece, deploying its own bunker vessels run by Jet-Tank Maritime and Styga Compania Naviera. In the past the company has been involved in owning and operating bulk carriers and combi carriers.
Kyriakos Mamidakis commits suicide
Newsfront also recalled when in 2011 Mamidakis received a Lloyd’s List Lifetime Achievement Award the Crete native was hailed as “an example to others for his high ethical values and business practices”.

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Friday, June 17, 2016

Seeking to hire housekeeper in Heraklion Crete island.Last update Classified: Friday 17 June- 2016

I am looking to hire a Filipino Girl between 25-40 in Heraklion Crete,  island as a housekeeper plus to look after 2 children (8 and 4). Leaving in or out.

Please contact  kalliopi Kalogeraki by email only

Last update Classified: Friday 17 June- 2016

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Seeking to hire housekeeper in the Athens area.Last update Classified: Friday 17 June- 2016

Seeking to hire housekeeper in the Athens area. We live in Marousi, we are two. Part time or full time, live in or live out. Age between 25-45. The salary is to be discussed. If you are interested please contact me through email or phone. Thank you!.

Please contact  Berrak Ismen 

Last update Classified: Friday 17 June- 2016

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Monday, June 6, 2016

Strike from Wednesday to Metro, Tram and Electric train, Get ready and learn what will happen

Specifically, from next Wednesday June 8th, workers in Metro, Tram and  Electric train( ILEKTRIKOS )  proceed to formal work stoppages and a possible escalation of the mobilizations.

Specifically decided mobilizations:

Wednesday, June 8, 2016: Stop working from 12.00 to 16.00

Friday, June 10, 2016: Stop working from 22.00 to shift end

Monday, June 13, 2016: Stop working from baseline to 10.00

Wednesday, June 15, 2016: Stop working from 21.00 to shift end

Friday, June 17, 2016: Stop working from 12.00 to 17.00

Note: The other Public Transports are initiated normally.

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Thursday, May 26, 2016

I am looking for a nanny. Last update Classified: Thursday 26 May- 2016

I am looking for a nanny for 2 kids (1,8 age) part time job, 400€ per month. I live in Papagou. Only serious propositions thank you.

Please contact  Natalia Kedra by  email only 

Last update Classified: Thursday 26 May- 2016

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SEEKING TO HIRE HOUSEKEEPER LIVE-IN Last update Classified: Thursday 26 May- 2016


Please contact CATHERINE VOLANI by  email only 

Last update Classified: Thursday 26 May- 2016

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Saturday, May 21, 2016

Greece without Metro, Blue Buses & Trolley again-With strikes react the workers in the public transport Saturday, May 21 and Sunday, May 22

With strikes  react  the workers of the  public transport in Greece against the government new law, which voted on Sunday, the 22nd of May.

Specifically, tomorrow Saturday May 21, beginning a 48-hour strike by workers at Metro.

Immobilized will be from until Sunday, May 22 and the buses, trolley  and electric trains.

Normally we move trains OSE and suburban railway weekend, as the Panhellenic Federation of Railway (PFI) has decided not to proceed to action, immediately, because passengers have already purchased tickets for travel on Saturday and Sunday.

However on Monday, May 23, is expected to meet again on the trade unions, in order to determine the further stop them escalating protests.

Employees in all transport operators will hold a protest gathering Sunday, at 17:00, in the Syntagma

Details of the strike 
Saturday, May 21

Metro Electric (ISAP) and tram 24hours  strike
*The other Public Transports expected to move normally.

Sunday, May 22

Metro, Electric & Tram 24hours  strike
Blue Buses & Trolley 24hours  strike
*Normally they will move trains and Suburban Railway the weekend

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Sunday, May 8, 2016

Greece-How it will move the public transportation today Sunday 8-5-2016

With problems journeys with public transport and today Sunday will be held due to the strike.

Specifically, buses and trolley will operate between 9:00 a.m. 21:00. Restoration of traffic will be until 10:00 am, and will begin to withdraw from 20:00.

The metro will start operating from 9.00 in the morning, as they preceded stoppage between 5:00-    9: 00.

The Tram Sunday will operate normally, because the union suspended the 24-hour strike that was launched.

The Suburban will not work today  Sunday 

The services section Duchess Placentia - Airport will take place throughout the course of the day, because of the  24-hour strike  OSE-Trains and Suburban.

The ships in ports will remain until 6.00 am Tuesday 10 May, because of the four-day nationwide strike action of the Panhellenic Seamen's Federation, which began at 6:00 am Friday, May 6th.

Closed and the gas stations

At the same time, they will stay closed the gas stations today Sunday after the Panhellenic Federation of Gas Station Owners decision Dealers Fuel (POPEK) for participation in the mobilizations of GSEBEE and ESEE

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Friday, May 6, 2016

GREECE LABOR STRIKE- Without transport for 48-hour strike the blue buses, Metro, subway and Tram today Friday and Saturday

Specifically few hours ago the Association of workers in Metro, Selma announced that employees will participate in the 48-hour General Strike launched by GSEE and ADEDY against the government's decision to bring the bill to the Insurance and Tax for voting weekend. 

Also Friday 6 and Saturday, May 7 will remain immobilized the blue buses, Metro and subway. 

Greece will be left without electric underground railway, tram and bus Friday and Saturday. Also TRAINOSE announced its participation in the strike which means that the country will be left without trains from midnight Thursday until Sunday. In a 48-hour strike progresses Workers union ILPAP (trolley) and the day after tomorrow, Friday, Saturday.

Workers in ILPAP have also decided stoppages Sunday from the beginning of the shift to 9 am and from 9 pm until the end of the shift, in the 24-hour strike announced by the GSEE to celebrate Labor Day.

ESEE GSEBEE and decided the 24-hour closure of shops and small businesses this coming Sunday, May 8, 2016, to protest the enactment of the insurance and while should work.
In its communication, the GSEE accuses the government to fast track procedures, trying to surprise the society by promoting the adoption of social security and tax bill through the weekend.

At the same time three strike concentrations escalates PAME reactions against the enactment of the insurance-tax bill. Specifically, the first will be held tomorrow Friday, May 6 at 11 a.m. Omonia, will implement a new collection at the same time again Omonia Saturday, May 7, while the culmination will be a gathering that will take place on Sunday May 8, at the syntagma 10.30
PAME stresses that "now is the time of the battle" and urges all the way "to avoid the guillotine-law passed for the insurance, the new tax." PAME asks employees to be dead and everything to stop production everywhere.
"Even if the government majority with acquaintances eager vote wild measures, the 48-hour strike by massiveness, participation, organization, and the pulse can be a starting point for overthrowing them through our struggles," stressed the announcement of PAME.

Also tied will remain from tomorrow and for four days the ships in ports because of the strike proclamation tomorrow at 6.00 am Friday May 6 to 6 am Tuesday, May 10, decided in today's extraordinary meeting the Executive Committee of the Panhellenic Seamen Federation.
Executives PNO speaking to ANA-MPA reported that the strikes made on the occasion of the deposit insurance bill in parliament and which incorporated the celebration of Labour Day with the participation of Greek seafarers 24 mobilization GSEE Sunday May 8 will they have scalability perspective.

Today started and squats in landfills, municipal garage, and other municipal buildings of local government employees.

The protests will culminate with the participation of workers in the 48-hour nationwide strike already decided for days discussion of the insurance bill to the plenary of the House.
Due to municipal employees mobilizations have created problems in collection of waste. The WTO OTA, in its communication, speaks of "anti-insurance bill" that "has only one goal: to assimilate all mnimoniakes commitments impose on our lives impoverishment, marginalization, unemployment. Removing even by labor veterans the right to a decent living [and] denying the new generation of appetite and hope for a better tomorrow. "

 In voting against the bill for the Social Security invites parliamentarians colleagues president TEE George Stassinos, following a decision of the steering committee "to understand even at the last moment that their decisions determine the future of the entire industry."
"We remind everyone that any vote will name: that of each and everyone who has consented to our destruction," says Mr. Stassinos calling, "all engineers struggle in the coming days, to actively seize the government and the House that this bill does not have the consensus of society. "
In particular, a statement, the Technical Chamber of Greece invites all engineers to participate in a general strike against the bill for the Social Security already announced GSEE and ADEDY on Friday, May 6 and Saturday, May 7, that the days of discussion and the enactment of the bill in the Parliament

At the same time in racing readiness calls with communication the prefecture of Larissa farmers but also the whole country, the Coordinating Committee of Farmers, which participated and the blockade of Tempe, to actively participate in the protest to be held in Athens the day they voted "bills-tombstone for all relating to insurance and the tax."

As outlined in these bills announcement will bring economic ruin to income, without health coverage and pension reductions for farmers, farmers, young farmers, professionals, workers and pensioners and invites all to resist.

 48-hour strike in all media Friday and Saturday
The Board of Directors of the Panhellenic Federation of Journalists' Unions (POESY) decided to participate in the strike declared by the GSEE with 48-hour strike from 06.00 Friday, May 6, 2016 until 06.00 Sunday, May 8, 2016 to all public and private media

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Saturday, April 30, 2016

Greece-The opening hours today Holy Saturday for shops in Athens and Thessaloniki

From 09:00 to 15:00 will remain open shops in Athens today Much Saturday, April 30th.
On Easter Sunday, May 1st until Tuesday, May 3 shops will be closed.
On Wednesday, May 4 resumes normal shop opening hours.

Opening hours in  Thessaloniki

The shops in Thessaloniki today Holy Saturday will run from 10:00 am until 16:00 in the afternoon.
Note that on Easter Sunday and Monday, the 2nd and Tuesday, May 3 will be closed.

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Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Greece-today began the tax returns-How will be declared this year for the Filipinos the income from their wages

Opened the electronic platform of the General Secretariat of Public Revenue for the submission of declarations and already the first taxpayers submitted their returns this year. Almost 6,000,000 taxpayers will have a time limit of three months as the deadline will last until the end of June, to complete and submit the basic form E1 to the tax return, which has changed little points compared with last year.
In the system already incorporated elements for income from wages and pensions, interest on bank accounts and fees from exercising liberal profession. By today's standards, the tax will be paid in three bi-monthly installments, with the first to be repaid at the end of July, while the other two should be paid to the end of September and the end of November respectively.
However the government's intentions are to extend to six or seven monthly instalments of repayment of taxes in order to facilitate the taxpayers, but also to avoid the accumulation of arrears. But the Treasury refer to reluctance on the part of institutions for changes in the payment calendar of income tax because they believe that you should not keep changing the dates of payment of tax obligations.

How will be declared this year for the Filipinos in Greece the income from their wages

Our Tsismosaonline.com News reporter contacted with the Accounting Office of Maria Ioannidou at D.Plakentias 36 (behind the Hotel President), Near the Metro Station Panormou in Ampelokipous of Athens Greece,Tel 210 6913378 Mob:6977220665 and, asked for more information about the taxes in Greece. 
Mr  George Dougkellis the Manager Director told us Twelve major changes in personal income tax brings in 2015, some of which are hidden "traps" additional charges, while others lead to tax cuts.
Seven of these changes will apply from January bring charges, while five related relief and simplified procedures.
Changes related employees, πενσιονερσ, taxpayers with income from rents SMB entrepreneurs, professionals, farmers, breeders, working with "pads", and all those who obtain annual incomes exceeding € 12,000.

Filipinos Employees with documents and permit, 
1) decreases from 25% to 10% the proportion of annual income to cover employees  with the value of the evidence received for products purchased and services provided to them. Failure to cover 10% of the income of the evidence "uncovered" amount still taxed at 22%. This change applies to incomes from salaries and pensions acquired and receipts issued in 2014. That is, the new system can meet the threshold more easily and avoid the fine.
For 2015 no longer provided any incentive for evidence.

Filipinos taxpayers with annual incomes over 12,000 euros
2) decreases from 1-1-2015, 30% the "special solidarity levy" imposed on taxpayers with annual incomes over € 12,000.
The "special solidarity levy" will be calculated on income obtained in 2015 with reduced rates from 1% -4% to 0.7% -2.8%. The benefits of this to taxpayers who have annual incomes over € 12,000 will fluctuate on an annual basis:
* From 39 to 60 euros for those who have incomes from 13,000 to 20,000 euros.
* From 126 up to 300 euros for those who have incomes above 20,000 and up to 50,000 euros.
* From 459 up to 900 euros for those with incomes above 50,000 and up to 100,000 euros
* 1,200 euros and more for those with incomes exceeding € 100,000.
These benefits will be, however, felt by many of the specific taxpayers in 2016 when he made the final calculation of charges for the 2015 income However, for employees and pensioners, these cuts will be felt in part, in 12 monthly installments in 2015 through reductions in monthly advances special levy solidarity, performed by deductions.

Filipinos taxpayers with income from rents
For rentals from one removes the additional tax, on the other increase the tax rate by 1%. The results from the simultaneous implementation of these provisions will be, for the vast majority of owners, a few dozen euros benefit.
For example, an owner with an income of 6,000 euros from rents (rent collection EUR 500 per month) will benefit 90 euros from the abolition of additional tax of 1.5% (6,000 x 1.5% = € 90) and charge 60 euro increase the tax rate by 1%, from 10% to 11% (6,000 x 1% = 60 euros). So the end result will be the benefit of EUR 30 per year.

For more about Greece Tax system please contact  Mr  George Dougkellis Tel 210 6913378 Mob:6977220665 email: karv.i@hotmail.com Facebook : George Dougkellis
For Tsismosaonline.com 
Filipino Gr

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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

I am looking for a filipina housekeeper- Last update Classified: Wednesday March 30- 2016

I am looking for a housekeeper, good cook, living in, in Athens area, Not nanny, with salary 850 plus IKA  Please contact me for further details.

Please contact Tetie Markidi by  email only 

Last update Classified: Wednesday  March 30- 2016

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Thursday, March 24, 2016

Greece-See which roads will be closed today in Athens

Traffic regulations from today Thursday morning because of student parade to mark the national holiday of March 25. The parade will take place on Amalias Avenue.
Specifically, the traffic arrangements will apply from 9:30 in the morning, and stopping and parking vehicles and other vehicles will not be allowed, and the movement of vehicles will be phased out in the following roads:

-L.Vas. Amalias entire length of both traffic streams.
-L.Vas. sofias, in the section of between Sekeri and L.Vas routes. Amalia, traffic stream to pl. syntagma.
-King. George, throughout its length.
-El. Venizelou (Panepistimiou), in extended length and vertical to the first parallel.
-Stage, in the part of each of the Aeolian Street and Constitution Square.
-N. Vas. Olga, the entire length of both traffic streams.
- Syngrou section of road between Ath. Diakos and Dion. Areopagitou, traffic stream to pl. syntagma.

Also, at the same time, they will make adjustments to the routes of public transport and recalled that the Metro would remain closed for 24 strike

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More than 5,000 migrants and refugees in the port of Piraeus

At the port of Piraeus arrived  the passenger ferry "Island Mykonos" carrying 140 migrants and refugees from Mytilene and 357 from Samos.
According to yesterday's count by the Coast Guard migrants and refugees in the port of Piraeus amounted to 4,750 people, and together with the 497 who disembarked from the "Island Mykonos" amounted to 5.247.

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Greece Transported 1,000 refugees from Piraeus Port to Yannitsa

Yannitsa in hosting space created on the national road Thessaloniki -Edessas transferred this time according to police sources, about 1,000 refugees and migrants from Athens.
Strong mobility in municipalities of Central Macedonia observed the last few hours to create refugee host countries and migrants. The Municipality of Pella has resulted in the creation accommodation center in a disused industrial site, the highway Thessaloniki - Edessa. Similar information arriving from two other municipalities, but not "accompanied" by official announcements.

The mayor Pella, Gregory Stamkou, at a press conference today in Giannitsa noted that until tomorrow can be completely ready the space "locked" with the consent of the city council of Pella and is located on the national road Thessaloniki - Edessa, a 3 , 5 km from the town of Giannitsa. He stated that it abandoned industrial site owned municipal company. "There is a direct interest in the transport of refugees and immigrants in this area, but some last details pending for its preparation. Tomorrow may be all ready" noted Mr. Stamkou to tsismosaonline.com news reporter and said he can stay there 700 800 people.

"We bigger than our share, and it is good to understand all municipalities, because a" dry "installation of the form" we do not have space "does not solve the problem. Everyone can get even a hundred people," stressed the mayor and He stressed that all Pella bodies will help to work the place with the support of the military, municipal, civil and church.
Along the same lines, my county Voluntary Action Group Himachal Pradesh, the "place" informed that within the group has opened debate about the possibility of hosting a small number of refugees in tobacco Katerini Station, in consultation with the responsible bodies.
At the same time, information about the creation of refugee reception centers are in municipalities Alexandria Imathia and Lagadas. "There is information, according to which selected from our region Camp 722 located on the edge of town, but we have no official information. I expect to be informed and will do what we must" stated to ANA - MPA mayor Alexandria Panayotis Gkyrinis. On his part, the mayor Lagada, Giannis Karagiannis, communicate to ANA - MPA that after unofficial information had himself today visited the site where Lagkadikia autopsy were making echelon of the army. "It is an old camp that is not working at the moment and is located 500 meters from the kindergarten of the village," she says and adds: "The Municipality Lagkada expressed before 20 days its opposition to any unilateral action. We met with the competent ministers ".

Furthermore, it calls for voluntary help address the Coordinating Institution created in the Temporary Accommodation Centre for Terrestrial Kilkis where there are about four thousand people. The Coordinating Body asks volunteers for sorting humanitarian aid items and recording of shortages arising. As it became known, the essentials will be concentrated in the area of ​​Workers' (Karaoli and Dimitriou) and ground floor storage space allocated at the intersection Kilkis - Thessaloniki. In health coverage level 24 clinic are planned with the necessary expertise to refugee structure of Terrestrial.
Last week Antiperifereiarchis Kilkis Andreas Vergidis and mayors Kilkis Dimitris Sismanidis and Paeonia Christos Gkountenoudis wrote to the Prime Minister asking for immediate measures, decongestion of the area and equitable distribution of refugees and immigrants throughout the country except in Thrace and the Aegean islands. The representatives of government stated that in the prefecture of Kilkis are half of the refugees and migrants who have entered legally or illegally in our country. Specifically the two organized hospitality venues Cherso and Nea Kavala, hosted seven to eight thousand people and uncontrollable camp Idomeni over twelve thousand.
Letter to the Interior and Administrative Reconstruction Minister, Yannis Balafas sent today the Regional Association of Municipalities of Central Macedonia (PEDKM) points out that the area hosted more than 50% of the refugees currently in the country. At the same time he pointed out that in Central Macedonia should not create other refugee shelters and requested these centers to be made in areas such as Crete, Peloponnese, Central Greece and Thessaly.

Meanwhile, the concentration of food and relief items to refugees progresses Municipality Thermaikos. The collection of humanitarian aid is eight KAPI of the municipality and collected medicines, foods (evaporated milk, biscuits, rusks, individual juices), baby products (diapers, baby milk powder, baby food in jars, baby wipes), tents blankets, raincoats , shoes. Send volunteers to Idomeni organizes tomorrow the municipal faction "Confederacy Thermaikos." Moreover delivered today by the Municipality of Oreokastro in the warehouse 9 of Thessaloniki Port Authority over 300 packages of clothing, footwear and personal hygiene collected by the municipality citizens.
Recall that the refugee accommodation centers invite the public to provide municipalities all kinds offered to refugees so from there transferred to the reserve 9 port for screening.

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