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Sunday, November 22, 2015

Filipina group 4th Impact, WATCH the video on youtube with latest performance on the stage of X-Factor 2015 UK (21 Nov 2015) Live Show

Once again, the Filipina group 4th impact has stormed the stage of X-Factor 2015 in UK. Their performance was a total hit—that all 4 judges offered them a standing ovation. The entire studio was in a craze as soon as they performed.

Back in the Philippines, they were known as the Gollayan sisters when they won the grand prize in a Philippine noon time show called “It’s showtime”. In Korea, they were known as “MICA”, which is their names combined altogether. Siblings Mylene, Irene, Celina and Almira Gollayan are now widely known across Asia when the audition was aired and got positive votes from people watching.

Fans around the world are ecstatic about the phenomenal performance.

WATCH the video on youtube with latest performance on the stage of X-Factor 2015 UK (21 Nov 2015) Live Show CLICK HERE

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Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Greece Celebrates Anniversary of November 17, 1973 against dictatorship, The metro stations Megaro Mousikis, Evagelismos and syntagma will not work today

On the 42nd anniversary of the November 17, 1973 student uprising against the colonels’ dictatorship, a cold chill embraces Athens in light of the bloody terrorist attack in Paris. This year Athenians and visitors from other cities place flowers not only in the Athens Polytechnic but at the French embassy as well. The shocking events in Paris put the celebration of the brave students’ resistance in the back seat.

As the value of freedom in Greece was stomped upon for seven years by the military junta, it seems that 42 years later a fanatic religious army from the east threatens the value of freedom in all of Europe. Ironically, the French army patrols the streets now. Just like the Greek army — under the orders of the dictators, patrolled the streets of Athens during the riots that erupted around the Athens Polytechnic. It is not a good sign to have troops holding machine guns next to the cafe where you drink your coffee.

This is not the kind of world those young men and women had in mind when they defied the tank that tore down the Polytechnic gate that eerie night and shouted to the armed soldiers, “You are our brothers.”

A few months later Greece was a free country again. Democracy was restored and future politicians used and abused the brave struggle of those people to their own ends. Even some of the Polytechnic heroes grew up and started cashing in on their moments of glory. The meaning of November 17 was twisted. A group of terrorists were named after that date and killed a number of their political opponents. Even the meaning of democracy was twisted to serve hateful purposes.

Every year during the commemorative day some self-professed anarchists hide in the crowds that rally, vandalize and burn Athens in the name of the flavor of the day. Every year fewer people join the rally. The veneer of that great event has faded as people see that many confuse freedom with anarchy.

Today, spineless politicians pretend that they would stand in front of the tank were they of age in 1973. Others claim they fought against the junta but they can’t prove it. Even worse, others literally robbed state funds while professing they live by the principles the Polytechnic students stood for. And brought Greece to the sad state it’s in today.

On November 17, 2015 it would be more fair to say a big thanks to all the unknown heroes of that day who preferred to remain anonymous and stay in the romantic shadows of their ideals.

Meanwhile for security reasons today only the metro stations Megaro Mousikis, Evagelismos and syntagma will not work , People will not go in or out from those Metro stations in Athens.

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Saturday, November 14, 2015

Greece New 24-hour strike proclaim the union of workers on Sunday, November 15 for the metro, tram and electric railway

New 24-hour strike proclaim on Sunday, November 15, the fixed rail union (metro, electric railway, tram) to enable employees to participate in the general meeting, which will take place the same day at 11:00.
The metro, tram and electric railway will stop from midnight until tomorrow midnight.

The union workers complains that the government plans further reductions to the remuneration of officials, which is combined by the inequalities caused by the flattening of the insurance system.
"All this comes to the culmination and the destructive policy of the management company, which was appointed by political leaders serving ideological orientations for months have been judged and condemned by the Greek people," concludes the union.

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No Filipinos reported injured in Paris attacks, Between 47,000 and 65,000 Filipinos reside in France, Please join us in praying for Paris

Please join us in praying for Paris!
Filipinos in France consist of migrants from the Philippines and their descendants living and working in France. Between 47,000 and 65,000 Filipinos reside in France, and an estimated 33,000 live there illegally. 80% of Filipinos in France have lived in the nation for less than seven years, and 95% have lived in France for less than 15 years. Paris is home to a small Filipino community.
No Filipinos reported injured in Paris attacks
The Philippines condemns unequivocally the horrific terror attacks on Paris," the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) said in a statement on Saturday (November 14).
The government called the attacks, in which rifle-wielding assailants shot dead at least 153 people in six locations, "cowardly assaults on innocent and defenseless people."
In his own statement, President Benigno Aquino III said: "Terror and brutality have plunged the City of Light, Paris, into the darkness of horror and grief. The Philippines and its people stand in solidarity with the people of Paris and all of France, in this time of deepest sorrow and the gravest outrage against the perpetrators of these crimes."
So far, no Filipinos were reported hurt or killed in the attacks, Assistant Secretary Charles Jose, DFA spokesman, said, as quoted by the tsismosaonline.com News Agency (TNA).
"Our embassy continues to monitor closely the situation and stands ready to extend assistance to Filipinos who may need it," Jose said.
According to 2013 figures from the Commission on Filipinos Overseas, there are some 48,000 Filipinos in France.
Aquino also assured Filipinos in the Philippine that police would be ready in case similar attacks would be launched, especially with security measures now in place for the upcoming Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation leaders' summit.
"For our part, we reassure our fellow citizens that we are taking all necessary precautions," Aquino said. "The PNP is on alert and our security forces are assessing the situation, including the continuing evaluation of our security procedures. There is no credible threat registered at this time but let us all be cooperative and vigilant."
Meanwhile, the DFA advised all Filipinos in France to be on the alert and heed the warning of the French government, whose President Francois Hollande has declared a state of emergency.
For those with relatives or friends in France, here are the contact details of the Philippine Embassy there:
Email: paris.pe@dfa.gov.ph
Telephone: +33 (0)1 46  47 56 00
Emergency hotline: +33 (0)6 20 59 25 15
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The family of a filipina in Greece worried if the relative is safe during Paris Terror Attacks, comment if you know she is safe or you worried for your relative in france

Gunmen and bombers attacked restaurants, a concert hall and a sports stadium at locations across Paris, killing at least 120 people in a deadly rampage that a shaken President Francois Hollande called an unprecedented terrorist attack.
A Paris city hall official said four gunmen systematically slaughtered at least 87 young people attending a rock concert at the Bataclan music hall. Anti-terrorist commandos eventually launched an assault on the building. The gunmen detonated explosive belts and dozens of shocked survivors were rescued.
Some 40 more people were killed in five other attacks in the Paris region, the city hall official said, including an apparent double suicide bombing outside the national stadium, where Hollande and the German foreign minister were watching a friendly soccer international.
The family of a filipina in Greece  worried if the relative is safe during Paris Terror Attacks and they contact with a tsismosaonline.com news reporter to ask for help,
Ana Maria Diloy a former filipina ofw in Greece and now Lives in Lyon, France, Visited Athens Greece Last Sundy and latest she been spotted drinking wine.10 hrs ago at Villeurbanne, France 
Ana Maria Diloy if you read the article comment your safe
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Friday, November 13, 2015

Filipina from Baguio in Greece hit by bus and died while passing the road, RIP and condolence to her family

According to police reports, a 36-year-old Filipina was killed after she was knocked over by a Greek  bus while she was hurrying to crossed the road infront the CARREFOUR at Ampelokipoi of Athens two days ago.
What happend to Grail? the lady from Baguio city, crossed one direction of the road in Ampelokipoi City in Athens Greece and was trying to reach the the other side when she was hit by a bus driven by a Greek man.

“She was rushed to hospital suffered three broken ribs, a damaged lung, a broken ankle and arm,  but died on the way,.…police arrested the driver for investigation,” said to tsismosaonline.com news reporter a police officer from the local police station.

They will ship her body home, her aunt there in Greece is fixing her papers , Grail came to Greece so she could earn enough money to support her family back home said to tsismosaonline.com news reporter a family friend

Reporting for tsismosaonline.com
Filipino Gr

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Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Looking to hire Filipina for Living in or Living out. Last update Classified: Wednesday November 11- 2015

I am currently seeking to hire Filipina for  Living in or Living out for a house in Marousi of Athens. 30-40 years old, legal documents will be advantage, with references if possible, speaking English or Greek or French. Salary 300-350 Euro with paid rent apartment. Please contact me for further details.

Please contact me by mail  or by sms

Last update Classified: Wednesday November 11- 2015

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Tomorrow Thursday, November 12 General 24-hour strike in Greece, public workers will not work, No Metro, train & Suburban, No Buses & Trolley

GSEE calls on all workers, pensioners, the unemployed, throughout the country in the new 24-hour general strike Thursday, November 12, at the rally of unions in Athens at 11:00 a.m. Square Klafthmonos and local rallies Labour Centres.

The government is failing in its electoral commitments continues punitive austerity policies, poverty and extreme poverty, applying a new hard Memorandum unaffordable, proceeding in legislation that abolish all benefits and social security.

For GSEE 24-hour general strike and demonstrations on November 12 are the "mother of all battles" against the new measures whirlwind degradation of living conditions of Greek society.

24-hour strike in Metro (lines 2 and 3) and the Electric Railway (Line 1) and the tram will move from 10 a.m. until 16:00 pm

The Trolley and the blue Buses will run from 9:00 am until 21:00. Vehicles will begin to come out of the sidings at 8:30 am and the restoration of traffic expected to 9.30am The evening will begin withdrawn depots at 8:00 pm

Immobilized will remain the Suburban and all Greece train for 24 hours on Thursday

Tied to the ports will remain Thursday the ships of all categories, as the Panhellenic Maritime Federation (PNO) and the Ports Employees Federation (OMYLE) participating in 24 nationwide strike of GSEE.

The strike started at midnight of Wednesday until  midnight Thursday.

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Thursday, November 5, 2015

Mystery Hackers Hit the Philippine Embassy in Athens, Problems to computer system for visas and passports, The Official Website is down

Officials from the Philippine Embassy in Athens said to tsismosaonline.com news reporter that the The Official Website is down and they have problems to computer system for visas and passports because of the attack of  Hackers.

Attackers targeting the Philippine Embassy in Athens, Greece with malware.The hackers may be backed by a nation state, according to security researchers which discovered the attack, he said the  malware was sent to the Embassy to destroy the computer system for visas and passports

It is believed the malware was planted on the website- known as a watering hole attack.

If high-profile targets were revealed by the malware - called Wipbot and Tavdig - more complex malware known variously as Turla, Uroboros, Snake and Carbon would then be added.

The researchers said to tsismosaonline.com news reporter: "In one instance, the malware delivered was disguised as a Shockwave installer bundle". "It appears likely that a second back door trojan with far greater capabilities was downloaded on to the Philippine Embassy ’s computer."

On this time the Official Website  of the Philippine Embassy in Athens, Greece is down, click here to see

reporting for tsismosaonline.com
filipino gr

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Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Philippines They found shelter on rooftops after hurricane, About 19,000 people remain there today, The government has reported two deaths, watch the video

Filipinos trapped on the roofs of their flooded homes today are waiting for help from rescue teams, while Hurricane effortlessly scans the northern part of the archipelago for the second consecutive day.
The hurricane, arrived yesterday to shore hitting the east coast of Luzon, the largest island of the Philippines, killing two people and forcing thousands of residents to flee their homes.
The effort is directed too late to the north and though weakened, has caused torrential rains to three mountain ranges. The flow of rainwater flooded the vast plains of rice fields north of Manila, explained the emergency services.
About 70 villages are under water, said Nigel Lontok, deputy director of the regional civil service security. "The level of water rises rapidly and there are people on rooftops. The depth of water is too large for the trucks of the army, while rescuers trying to reach the trapped with inflatable boats. "
Thousands of residents have probably caught up in these villages and the civil protection department does not have far too only ten garages. Thousands of people have taken refuge in temporary reception centers, according to the government agency for disaster management. About 19,000 people remain there today said Lontok to tsismosaonline.com news reporter
The trouble typhoon initially was accompanied by winds gusting 210 km. Per hour. Today is over the northern city Bantai and gusts have weakened and reach 150 km. Per hour. The storm is expected to pass over the area with the mountains of the Cordillera before leave behind the Luzon Wednesday.
The government has reported two deaths, an 14-year old teenager in Manila from falling tree in the house and a 62chronis collapsing wall of the house in the province of Zambales.
Schools are closed today in Manila, although the capital has been severely affected by the hurricane.

Watch the video Philippines They found shelter on rooftops after hurricane on youtube, click here 

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Greek Police released Shocking video of rescue migrants in Lesvos island, Greece, 274 the survivors 43 died

Video  released the October 28 2015 in Lesvos island, Greece from  the Port Police and Immigration Police said the police officer to tsismosaonline.com news reporter

The Coast Guard announced that the number of dead migrants were recovered  north of Lesbos is 43.

Of them 19 are children and an infant while 17 are men and 6 women. Alongside the survivors amounted to 274.

Meanwhile, despite the bad weather, continue non-stop to arrive in the northern and eastern shores of Lesbos, boats carrying migrants and refugees from the coast of Turkey.

Watch the video of rescue migrants in Lesvos island, Greece on youtube, click here

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Greece Unions Strike today to Electric metro (ISAP), Metro and Tram November 3rd stoppage from 21:00 to the end of the shift-Public transport stoppage get ready

Public transport stoppage get ready. Electric metro (ISAP), Metro and Tram November 3 strike 21:00 until to the end of the shift

Warning stoppage for todayTuesday, November 3rd, from 21:00 until the end of the shift, the workers decided in mid-track in Athens, "denouncing thereby mismanagement in public transport or even negligence of those responsible for the situation are now the metro, tram and subway. "

The Unions Ilektrodigon and other workers at the stop (SIEK) Ilektrodigon Tram Attica (SCREEN), Association of Workers Tram (SET) and Union Metro workers, in their joint statement noted that the new restructuring plan which constitutes Annex of the latter Law (4337 / 15), there is no strategic planning or quantitative data - projections or goals - to appreciate the benefits it would bring. Rather, the evidence that describes, as the associations of workers, the fact is that "spending cuts and personnel" that will arise from possible services mergers will create needs will be met by contractors. Obviously also, the "economy of scale" that could arise, will be used as payment of any foreign-international consultant to undertake the design work.

Finally, the Communication refers to the problems of the "rolling stock shortages Line 1 and the lingering problem of the reception of trains 3rd row to the Metro."

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Thursday, October 29, 2015

12 years old Filipino boy parading on the anniversary of October 28 in Greece

Finished  Ο„the school parade on the anniversary of October 28 in the center of Athens, parade this year paradeattended all schools in A 'Athens, elementary, middle and high schools, with their flagship five stiles each,

Park Zappeion filled from early morning with students from all schools of Athens and mark the current standard parade commemorating the October 28.

The proud Greek / Filipino boy 

Sebastian is 12 years old and proud to be Greek and today parading having at his side his mother Geraldine who came very young in Greece and hopefully completes 23 years here and says ...in Greek. "At my son school there was no any annoyance matter because we are from Philippines,  does not matter that we're from the Philippines we love Greece," said the proud mother of the filipino student to tsismosaonline.co news reporter.

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Monday, October 26, 2015

Greece agreed to accommodate 50,000 asylum seekers, Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras said

Greece agreed to accommodate 50,000 asylum seekers but not in a single refugee camp as originally proposed by the European Union, Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras said.

The decision was taken after an emergency mini-summit on the migrant crisis in Brussels on Sunday. Greece had to reject three proposals by European partners before the decision was taken.

Specifically, the EU had proposed the creation of a refugee city with a 50,000 capacity. The second proposal was that a EU country to have the right to bar entry to refugees from another EU member state.  The third was the establishment of a new operation by EU border police Frontex in northern Greece to check migratory flows towards the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM).

The Greek prime minister spoke after the summit and expressed his satisfaction that none of the three proposals was accepted by Athens. Instead of having a “ghetto” of 50,000 people, as Tsipras said, 30,000 of the refugees will be accommodated in various hospitality camps around Greece, with 7,000 in the islands and 23,000 in the mainland. The remaining 20,000 will be given rent subsidies by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees. This way they will be integrated in Greek society, the prime minister said.

On the second proposal, Greece’s counter-proposal was that the EU notifies the country of passage on the number of refugees it is responsible to take.

On the third proposal, Tsipras said that the guarding of borders is exclusively the responsibility of a nation; the only contribution Frontex could provide, he said, would be to register or identify those refugees who had not been processed at points of entry on the Greek islands. He estimated that these cases would be very few, since most refugees on islands request registration.

The European Commission said in an official statement, “We welcome the intention of Greece to increase the reception capacity to 50,000 places, with the support of UNHCR, before the end of the year.”

The EU would provide funding to both Greece and the UNHCR to aid with the resettlement process. Frontex would help Greece with registration, they said, while calling for an upgrade to the joint operation system Poseidon to include Frontex at the Aegean Sea. The leaders also promoted the immediate creation of bilateral confidence-building measures between Greece and FYROM, where the UNHCR should also help with more staff, while they called on Greece, FYROM and Albania to strengthen their management of external land borders.

The Greek prime minister also spoke of the role of Turkey in terms of refugee flows, saying that collaboration with the neighboring country would help reduce the flows. Greek and Turkish port authorities and coast guards should work closely together, although each country is responsible for guarding its own territorial waters. The EC will present specific proposals to Turkey soon, Tsipras said, which creates the hope for a decisive resolution of refugee flows.

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The European Union says it will set up 100,000 places in reception centers in Greece for Migrants

The European Union — in an effort to ease the burden on Greece and eastern European countries caused by the influx of migrants –says it will set up 100,000 places in reception centers in Greece and along the migrants’ route through the Balkans.

European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker said early Monday after an emergency summit Sunday in Brussels with several leaders of EU nations, including German Chancellor Angela Merkel and the leaders of non-EU eastern European countries, that 50,000 places would be created in Greece and another 50,000 throughout the Balkans.

Juncker said the reception places will be vital in providing shelter, registering the migrants and helping better manage the flow of the migrants.

“This is one of the greatest litmus tests Europe has ever faced,” Merkel said Monday about the continent’s migrant crisis, which some see as a border security problem and others view as a humanitarian challenge.

Juncker issued a statement Monday with nearly 20 proposals, including a plan for the speedy exchange of information to coordinate efforts on processing the migrants through the various countries.

The mini gathering of central and eastern European leaders Sunday was sought by Chancellor Merkel, who has voiced concern for migrants as winter sets in.

The meeting was the latest in a series of top-level EU meetings to find a unified approach on how to best deal with the thousands of migrants streaming into the EU every day.

On Sunday, Croatia Interior Ministry spokesman Domagoj Dzigulovic said a record 11,500 migrants entered the country Saturday — the most in a single day since the flow of migrants began in mid-September. Police said the country has seen nearly 250,000 enter the country since then.

Migrants turned to Croatia after Hungary erected a barbed-wire fence along its border with Serbia.

Countries called to meet

European Commission President Juncker called leaders of Austria, Bulgaria, Croatia, FYROM, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Romania, Serbia and Slovenia, plus refugee organizations involved, to attend the meeting in Brussels.

“Every day counts,” Juncker said Sunday in an interview in German weekly newspaper Bild am Sonntag. “Otherwise we will soon see families in cold rivers in the Balkans perish miserably.”

Some EU lawmakers have complained that all states should attend the meeting and that France’s absence in particular could limit progress on a plan.

More than 680,000 migrants and refugees have crossed to Europe by sea so far this year, fleeing war and poverty in the Middle East, Africa and Asia, according to the International Organization for Migration.

“The challenge now is to slow down the flow of migration and to bring our external borders under control,” Juncker told Bild. “We must also make it clear that people who arrive at our borders who are not looking for international protection have no right to enter the EU.”

Some criticism

Bulgaria, Serbia and Romania said they would close their borders if Germany or other countries shut the door on refugees.

Serbian Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic said Sunday Serbia would not “put up any walls” but suggested his country will not agree to be the only migrant stop if countries farther west close their borders.

At the Brezice camp in Slovenia near the border with Croatia, U.N. refugee agency (UNHCR) spokesman Babar Baloch urged leaders to come up with a system to register and screen newcomers when they first enter Europe, rather than piecemeal along the way.

“But also very important is to help Syria’s neighboring countries where there are around 4 million refugees,” Baloch said. “These people don’t need to take these risky journeys if there are legal pathways to come to Europe.”

The lack of a common policy is straining ties among European leaders, raising questions about the EU’s future.

Rights group Amnesty International said the 28-country bloc could not afford to end another meeting without an agreed plan.

“As winter looms, the sight of thousands of refugees sleeping rough as they make their way through Europe represents a damning indictment of the European Union’s failure to offer a coordinated response to the refugee crisis,” said John Dalhuisen, Amnesty’s director for Europe and Central Asia.

Death toll

The continent is experiencing the worst migration crisis since World War II.
At least three migrants — two children and a woman — drowned on Sunday when their boat sank off the Greek island of Lesbos, the coast guard said, the latest fatalities in Europe’s refugee crisis which has claimed nearly 3,000 lives.

Around a dozen others, mostly Afghans, are still missing after the rickety vessel, carrying 60 people, went down at dawn as it made the perilous crossing from Turkey, according to the Greek coast guard.
Also Sunday, the bodies of 29 people thought to be migrants were discovered on beaches near a city 160 kilometers (100 miles) east of Tripoli, the Red Crescent said.

“Local residents told us about bodies on the beaches around Zliten,” spokesman Mohamed al-Misrati told the French news agency AFP. “We discovered 25 bodies, then another four.”

Misrati did not give any further details about the nationality of the deceased, but the Tripoli authorities’ official news agency reported that they were from Africa.

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After two years of absence Greek Municipal Police Made a Comeback on the Streets of Athens

After two years of absence, the Municipal Police will formally return to patrolling the streets and neighborhoods of Athens, as of Monday October 26.

The Municipal Police will be tasked with verifying compliance and imposing fines related to traffic and parking regulations, illegal occupation of public spaces and disability ramps etc.

 Complaints and comments to the Municipal Police can be made via the 1595 telephone hotline and tep@cityofathens.gr.

The New Democracy-PASOK-DIMAR coalition government had abolished the municipal police units across Greece in the summer of 2013 to cut down on spending costs. However, in 2014 the same government adopted a law that called for the reinstatement of municipal police in certain cities including Athens. The Greek Council of State approved the plan on January 13, 2015.

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Wednesday, October 21, 2015

I am looking to hire Filipino (Filipino driver) Last update Classified: Wednesday October 21- 2015

I am currently seeking a Filipino driver for a house in the centre of Athens. Working times: 6 days per week (day off during weekedays) from 11:00 - 20:00 daily. Good salary and immediate hiring. Whoever interested should be an experience and reliable driver. Please contact me for further details.

Please contact by phone

Last update Classified: Wednesday October 21- 2015

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If you are interested to learn Greek here is a list with Organizations and Universities in Greece with special Greek language programs

If you are interested to learn Greek in Greece, there are the special Greek language programs - particularly summer - with or without a scholarship


National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, the Modern Greek Language

National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, Greek Studies Summer Scholarships (THYESPA)

Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, School of Modern Greek Language

University of Ioannina, International Centre for Greek Education - Delivery and Vocational Education (DI.K.E.P.P.E.E.) - "Stavros Niarchos"

Patras University, Center for Intercultural Education


Peninsula Foundation for Balkan (Balkan Studies), Thessaloniki

Greek Culture Center

Ikarian Centre, Greek Language Courses

Institute of Alexandria, Athens

MGA (Modern Greek Academy), The Greek as a foreign language, Corfu

Vardakeio School Ermoupolis, Syros

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Monday, October 19, 2015

5.8 magnitude earthquake 3 km from Calatagan, Batangas, Philippines about 3 hours ago

The US Geological Service said the epicenter was in Balitoc, Calatagan in Batangas. USGS recorded the quake at magnitude 5.8. about 3 hours ago , 105 km depth Calatagan, Batangas, Philippines 

UTC time: Monday, October 19, 2015 13:50 PM
Your time: Monday, October 19 2015 4:50 PM
Magnitude Type: mwb
USGS page: M 5.8 - 0km WNW of Balitoc, Philippines
USGS status: Reviewed by a seismologist
Reports from the public: 169 people


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Greece will change to winter time Sunday, October 25, Get ready for one hour extra sleep

In a few days Greece will come back to winter time and all of us will win one hour extra sleep. See when we change the time.

The winter time will change at early morning this Sunday, October 25 and the clock will set back one hour. Specifically, at 04:00 am Sunday, clocks will return at 03:00 offering another one hour sleep or another hour of fun.
Indicatively, see when we change the clocks:
2015 hours change: Sunday 25 October,
2016 hours change: Sunday 30 October,
2017 hours change: Sunday October 29.

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Exclusive, read who politician from Greece faking the Consul of the Philippines

Unbelievable but true. One of the current government's ministers SYRIZA - AN.EL. at the youthful age, earned money pretending the consul of the Philippines in Greece ... We are talking about "fraud" here members.
The story is absolutely true and described to us by a Greek political strain who know the current minister.
So he told our source that the young and ferelpis politician in the early 90s, had concoct many scams to earn money
Obviously the current Prime Minister does not know about the works and days of the Minister and the manner in which exploited various social Filipino groups so he can  make Dolce Vita in Kolonaki and other cosmopolitan destinations.
This major was therefore set up "shack" through which wrote invitation letters for Filipino people  to go as servants in wealthy Greek families 
As you can see the record of the letters had the relative cost of which the politician in our history put in his pocket to be able then to make his life ...
Easy, fast and black money ...
PS 1: Mr. Tsipras, It would be good before you do so easily ministers to ask the political rank for whom and everyone's life.
PS 2: More will not write. We will leave the prime minister to investigate on his own the case and to collect evidence.

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Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Cyprus-27-year old Filipina mother and undocumented worker jumped from the 5th floor of a building when the immigration police attempt to check

A young Filipina mother fell to her death from the 5th floor of an apartment complex in Nicosia on Friday, in an attempt to flee police immigrant checks.

Police were performing routine checks following reports that immigrants without residence permits were staying in the building.

When the 27-year-old woman from the Philippines whose permit had expired long time ago, was informed of police presence, unnoticed she tried to get to the next door apartment via the building’s skylight.

No one saw her fall. She was found later heavily injured when neighbours went searching for her after the police had gone.

She was taken to hospital but succumbed to her injuries on Saturday morning.

The unfortunate woman was a mother of three young children and was residing in Nicosia with her Nepalese partner. 

Tsismosaonline.com news reporter talked to Nepalese husbund and he said two days before the police raid the building, his wife  worried about her life as an undocumented worker " I built a family here -- but it could all be taken away. I live in fear of deportation were the last words of the filipina. 

I was at work in a restaurant when I heard immigration police was arresting undocumented workers. Two armed men with badges showed up on my apartment complex in Nicosia the husbund said. My neighborhood was full of armed officers and flashing police lights. All my neighbors were out on the street.

I was born in a small farming town in Nepal and came to Cyprus without papers at 20 years old. The lingo for people like me is a “Dreamer” .I knew we were undocumented, but I didn’t yet understand what it meant. I was different. Like when my friends got their licenses, and I couldn’t. Or when I tried to find work, but was told I wouldn’t be able to. That’s when I started to realize what life without immigration papers was going to be like.

I started to feel pretty bad about myself, too, like I wasn’t good enough, because I wasn’t like the other legal foreigners. I worried about stuff like that all the time. I worried about how I could help support my family financially, too.  I need to work to support my family, and I need documents in order to do that lawfully. My children won’t have their mother by their side. Who could ever call that justice?

Deportation: What Happens if you are Deported

Deportation is a serious problem for  undocumented workers. If you over stay your visa, work illegally or break the law, you are liable for deportation. However, deportations can happen by accident too.

There are a few things to keep in mind regarding deportation orders. Usually, the orders will give you a chance to leave of your own free will and most of the time, you won’t get an ugly deportation stamp in the back of your passport and more likely than not, be allowed back into the country after a set amount of time (or simply after you leave and get a new visa). Deportation orders usually come with terms and conditions, you must leave within a set amount of time, buy your own ticket out (don’t necessarily need to go home but you can’t stay here) and stay outside the country for a set period of time.

If you violate the deportation orders, you are in for a nasty surprise. You will more likely than not be detained in an immigration detention centre while the host country processes you out. If you are detained, you can expect to sit in the detention centre for up to a week and sometimes longer. At this point, it is an official deportation, you get the deportation stamp in the back of your passport and free ticket home (they usually don’t give you a plane ticket to anywhere but your home country). You may have just stopped and saw I said free ticket and yes, it is free in a sense but you will be billed for the ticket and usually fined, it will be much more expensive than if you had self-deported.

If you were forcefully deported, cross that country off the places you cannot visit again as you won’t be allowed back in until you repay the ticket, fine and have to wait a set period of time, that is if they even let you back in. Not only that, be prepared to answer some questions at the next port of entry as immigration officers really don’t like seeing deportation stamps. However, hope is not lost if you find yourself with one of those stamps in the back of your passport and in fact, is easy to rectify (won’t help you get back into the country you were deported from).

Keep in mind, most countries ask you if you have ever been deported or removed from a country. If you have but never got the stamp or it is no longer in your (new) passport, then tick no.  If you have that stamp and the arrival card asks if you have been deported, obviously you need to tick yes because it will be quite obvious to the immigration officer you are lying and you’ll probably be booted out of another country.

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View your stamps in IKA online, the easy way to find your encima in Greece-Detailed guide

All of the insured people in Greece have now over the internet  direct access to the individual elements in order to keep record of their stamps in IKA and other Greek insurances offices. The "digital security account" will be unique for each person and secured with personal code . The new system will initially cover the past 21 insurance years.Currently has been integrated the insuring time since 1994 until today IKA, OAEE, the EBRD and from 1998 to today OGA. Overall incorporated 2.8 billion days of insurance. In the next period will integrate information from ETAP-media and NAT, and the period 1994-1997 for OGA.

Every insured person is able to see and print the time of his insurance .

Access is through the use of code TAXIS of GSIS and requires knowledge of the SSN(AMKA)

click here untill the following screen appears, then click the blue button 

In the following screen enter the codes in the  taxisnet of GSIS that you used for tax return

In the following screen of ATLAS Enter your  SSN (AMKA). If you dont  not remember your  SSN (AMKA) click here to find 

In the following screen the insured can see the stamps in detail all or per month.

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